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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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Physical, emotional as well as spiritual well being, is one of the most important things in the life of a person. We can have a lot of material possessions, a lot of financial wealth, success in regards to being able to accomplish pretty much any other goal we really want, a lot of friends and a lot of time to do whatever we want and whenever we want it, however, if we do not like ourselves and if we do not really know whom we are and the individual, unique and special contributions we can give others, we are lacking the important meaning of our existence and we are not well.

To be a wholesome person, and to be well, there has to be a balance between mind and spirit. If not, sooner or later we will have a break down and sooner or later there could be a possible, chaotic ending to our lives.

There has been too many lives destroyed and lost due to lack of self love and lack of wellness. There has been too many people able to achieve so much success in life, and so many things they wanted, only to lose all of those things in a blink of an eye and to realize afterwards, that those things did not fullfill their emotional needs and their emptiness was real and unbearable.

“Physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, when achieved, allows the individual to feel whole, to feel happiness no matter if there are very hard and difficult situations to deal with everyday. A person that is happy and content with themselves, recognizes being happy is the most important thing in their lives. That person does not need validation from others to feel that way and that person does not need abundance of material things to be happy and to be grateful”

It is important to get to know ourselves and to recognize how important of a role, each and everyone of us plays in this vast world. It is important to know that we all experience happiness and sadness and it is important to know that we have the right to feel many emotions and it is important to express those emotions in the form of vocalizing them, as long as we are not hurting anyone.

It is okay to be happy, sad, upset, frustrated, etc, etc, etc, and it is okay to let others know how we feel, even when others think that because we are quiet most of the time, we do not have the right to shout out once in a while.

It is also important to take care of our mental and emotional health and to dedicate time to relax, to meditate and to ponder. Just as we dedicate time to take care of our bodies, we need to set time away to take care of our emotional and spiritual needs.

This platform is to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, anecdotes, and mostly, to share positive things and to give people hope and to write about things that are important to me and for me, and things that can help other people, and the subject of wellness, is a very important subject, so I will share a lot of posts regarding this.

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Please, stay tuned and I will be posting more fascinating and interesting things on my blog.