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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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Panamanian, American, international citizen of the world. I love all things, performing and visual arts, music and dancing. I was born in the beautiful country of Panama, and the rain forest of Boquete, inspired me to become an artist, at the very tender age of 6. I am very creative in all aspects of my life. (Necessity is the mother of creativity)

I commissioned my arts pieces since I was 9 years old, to help pay for my schooling and to allow me to maintain scholarships that allowed me to graduate from high school. I designed jewelry for a Panamanian broker at the age of 11, designed and made swimming suits and and I created many art pieces and illustrations for many schools and private organizations.

I painted murals for private organizations as well as residential homes, and posters and medical illustrations for many high schools. Completed many pencil portraits.

l am also a performing and visual artist. I am an entertainer. I do voice overs. I am a designer that designs and creates customs for various occasions, including jewelry and performing wardrobe. I am also a photographer.

I write poetry and as you can see, I also love to blog and to write and share stories, experiences, anecdotes, and more than anything else, I love to be inspired by, and I love to inspired others. I find beauty everywhere and I am a very positive person that likes to be surrounded by everything positive and if I don’t see it, I look for it.

Before I graduated from college, as a Graphic Designer, I owned and operated my own art, design, and photography studio for several years, which I continued to manage right after I finished school, offering new products and services, including company branding, designing and creation of logos, corporate identities, stationary, general and event photography, specially building modeling and artists portfolios.

I also love fashion and style, and you will always find me wearing something gorgeous I made, something I may have found at a thrift store, or something I altered because I either got tired of the style, or someone else wanted to throw away a perfectly good and beautiful piece of clothing, for the same reason I did, and ended up giving it to me, so I could do the magic.

I have also traveled extensively and I love culture and connecting with people. I have work in the Customer Service field and the hospitality industry for over 30 years. I am very friendly, kind, nice and caring.

I am very thrifty and I love a simple, uncomplicated life, and I live one, where the most important part for me is mental, emotional and physical health, and where I have piece of mind knowing that I am truly happy and content. Health is really important to me and how I take care of this body of mine, so I always try to live a very healthy life style.

And last but not least: One of my biggest passions in life, is the welfare of animals, specially domestic animals and specially dogs and cats. Yes, in that order. You will see a lot of photos here and in all my other Social Media accounts, of my beautiful Gizmo, my adopted from an animal shelter, 3 year old rat terrier and Chihuahua mix puppy. And you will read a lot about dogs and cats in this website too. A lot!!

Gizmo was and is my most loyal companion, personal assistance, body guard, friend and therapist/psychologist, out there, not only during the Pandemic but every day. His unconditional love and devotion for me, is something that I am so grateful for and I know that loving, respecting and caring for an animal, is the greatest thing a human can do, for a creature that cannot pay back with money, but with the greatest token ever, that of bringing about, overall wellness and happiness, to the person loving and caring for that animal.

There is purpose in life and encounters are meaningful and spending 24/7 with Gizmo for 1 year and 5 months, really solidified and deepened my love for animals and what I want to do, to contribute to the welfare of street animals in Panama, and around the world.

My encounter with Gizmo was not by coincidence, nor by chance, it was planned and I was prepared. We were both at the right place and at the right moment to find each other.

And if you want to read more about and see more about my simple, uncomplicated, humble and yet, marvelous, beautiful, gorgeous, and sophisticated life style, and Gizmo, then please, follow me here and in all other Social Media Platforms, specially if you are an animal lover and specially if you care about the welfare of the neglected, abandoned and abused street animals. Together we can do and we will do great things for them, so stay tuned.

(I am currently working on one of the greatest goals and projects of my life) A “castle” An animal shelter for abused, neglected, abandoned, and rejected street animals in Panama. “The last will be the first” so, please, help me God, and he will!!


Living a Healthy Life Style