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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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I love food. My body needs food. Everybody needs food and there are many choices out there for some of us, however, to keep in shape eating almost anything we desire, we just have to enjoy small portion sizes, and follow a moderate to medium and even very rigorous exercise routine, if we love to indulge in highly caloric, delicious meals.

All the photos you see below are of recipes of all of the meals I consume on a regular basis, not every day and not every week, but at least 2 times a month and some times, every 6 months or so. I create my own recipes with only natural herbs and as much as I can, fresh ingredients I like and what is good for my body.

As much as possible I buy organic. I consume more fish, eggs and chicken. I consume red meat in moderation and a lot of vegetables and some fruits that are not full of sugars, such as strawberries and melons. Most of the food I eat is raw and if cooked, I do it only for a few minutes to prevent loss of nutrients.

The key to look our best starts inside our bodies and it reflects in the outside. Good nutrition not only can extend our chronological age, it can also make a big difference on how fast we aged and how we aged. There is certainly a secret to aging gracefully.

And if we do not like to do moderate, or medium exercise, then we must consume only nutritious meals that will keep us full, throughout the day, and will speed up our metabolism. (There are so much of variety of natural fats, salts and sugars in the world, there is not need to consume highly processed meals.)

We need to space the meals and eat every 2-3 hours and we need to have whole foods that will give us only the nutrients and the calories to sustain our daily caloric needs, (So our bodies can complete its normal functions)

As much as I can, I tried to buy hormone free meat, eggs and milk, and even thought I don’t buy just “organic” vegetables and fruits, I make sure to clean these products very well before I consume them and when I do, I leave the skin on, on all vegetables and fruits, where the peel can be eaten.

I create my own recipes and I make sure I consume a combination of natural fats, fiber, sugars and salt on every single one of my meals, accompanied by a full glass of warm or room temperature water.

I do not keep any of my favorite “junk” food at home. If I crave any of them, I just get them at the supermarket, at least once a month or less and once I have a taste of it, that satisfy my cravings and I can go back to my healthier routine and stick with it.

If you have any other questions, just send me an e-mail and I can share more information with you on this section.