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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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My Greatest Passion

“Abandoned, neglected, abused, sick, sad, and without hope. Innocent creatures of the street. To the mercy of their own luck…With empty and sad faces, without hope and on their death bed the majority of times, in agony and without having an owner that will console them, in their last moments of their lives…


How can we ignored an injured, suffering, scared, hungry and cold animal howling and screaming in pain, in front of us, by the side of the street or in the sidewalk? How can we be so indifferent to their pain when we ourselves have suffered pain? How can we turn our backs, ignored them and not do anything?

And to think that we as individuals can do so much, imagine how much more we could do as a group, however, we are not doing enough. I know it is very difficult to rescue so many animals that need help, but I also know, that if many of us contribute, many things can be accomplished. We just need to remember and realize that a very small grain of sand, created enormous sand dunes and a drop of rain created small creeks and those small creeks created very vast oceans.

Every thing we want to accomplish, with a good intention behind it, believing in it, will manifest itself, and our small contribution, with the help of God will multiply itself and we can make great changes in the lives of many living creatures, and in this case, in the lives of so many loyal and innocent creatures, that ended up on the streets, abandoned by their owners.

We also need to realize that as we feel pain and we hurt physically and emotionally, so do all animals. When we start to feel empathy towards the suffering of animals, we will start making changes that will contribute to their welfare.


I have always have a great respect, devotion and admiration for all human creatures and for the animals, specially domestic and companion animals because I grew up with so many of them. They were a source of food, companion and protection. The reason I am here today is due to many animals. They gave me and they continue to give me so much.

My first pet was given to me when I was still a little girl. A very beautiful woman got out of a car and just handed to me a tinny little puppy, wrapped in a blanket and with a baby bottle. A stranger that just told me: “Take good care of her” while crying, and she got in the car and left.

I just simply took the puppy. I was very happy and I went inside the house with my beautiful gift. A few months later, that woman died in a car accident…

That doggie changed my life forever an it brought so much love to my family, and it showed so much unconditional love until the end, when she died in a very tragic way. I always remember her, every day. I will never forget about her and after her, we never had any other dogs in the house.

And finally, after so many years without a pet and without a companion animal, 2 in a half years ago, we adopted Gizmo, our 6 lb. rat terrier and apple head chihuahua mixed puppy. That doggie changed my life once again, and it ignited and it increased, that great passion and my deepest concern for the welfare of street animals.

Our Gizmo has, and enjoys an absolute devotion, loyalty and total love, the same love, devotion and loyalty he gives our family. Gizmo is a very fortunate, wanted and spoiled little animal. He enjoys all of the privilege’s all the doggies of the world should enjoy, all.

Every time I see Gizmo’s eyes, I cannot help it but to feel sad, knowing that devotion we feel for him, we could share with so many other dogs that need it, that seek that everyday around the world, and specially in the country I was born, Panama. Street animales that only want to give love and are rejected, mistreat and abused day by day, by so many people…

“My greatest passion is helping “street dogs” And my greatest love and devotion is to the welfare and wellbeing of animals, specially companion and domestic animals such as dogs and cats. I believe animals need protection and love. People need to be educated before they become pet owners and people need to understand the responsibilities that come with having a pet”

When we buy puppies, most of the time, we are contributing to the abuse of many animals that are used and abused until they are no longer able to satisfy the demands of illegal puppy mills, and are then discarded as trash and abandoned at shelters, dumpsters and even abandoned in very secluded areas, so they can die.

While we buy cats and puppies from stores, there are many shelter animals waiting to be adopted, many of which are put to sleep every day in shelters across the nation, which is very cruel, considering many of those animals belong to someone that in many cases died of old age and did not chose to abandon their pets.

And for the people that buy animals and for the ones that adopt pets from a shelter, and for all pet owners out there. When we adopt a pet, we are doing this for life, and so we need to evaluate if we can really take care of that pet, before we adopt it and one the greatest favors we can do to our pet is to sterilized and/or spay them, yet, many pet owners do not do this.

And not sterilizing or spaying them, is also a form of abuse if that animal ends up in the streets and have many more babies, which will be expose to many dangers, including animal cruelty and abuse.

And for the people that buy animals and for the ones that adopt pets from a shelter, and for all pet owners out there. When we adopt a pet, we are doing this for life, and so we need to evaluate if we can really take care of that pet, before we adopt it. When we adopt a pet they become our family member for life, just as when we adopt a child.

Dogs and cats become used to us, their families and as we suffer, grieve and feel emotional sadness and pain, so , do animals. The feel sad when we are not around and they feel happy when they see us every time we come back. Can you imagine then, all the pain and the suffering of a pet, a dog, specially, when it has been suddenly abandoned, not knowing what happen?

Animals, dogs specially are very loyal and we need to think about all of the benefits, all of the great things we receive from them. Animals not only offer us physical security but much more than that. They offer us emotional security, specially to people with disabilities. An animal such as a dog, for example, is a source of peace and tranquility for children and adults, that suffer from autism, that have been abused or children and adults that suffer from any type of post traumatic disorders.

Animals depend on us and we depend on them. As a society we function because of the many sacrifices of animals. We benefit greatly from domestic, farm and wild animals everyday. The animals are there for us, for our benefit.

Dogs are very loyal and they do not belong alone in the streets, neither do cats. And if dogs are so loyal and if they do anything for me, why shouldn’t I do what I can for them? When we realize and understand the correlation between us, humans, and all other living things, and when we accept animals give us so much, we will start respecting them.

And animals do not have the use of reasoning and they cannot decide like human beings can, and they cannot protest when someone abuse and treat them with cruelty, so they depend on those of us that can be their voices.

As a society, we need to stop animal cruelty, animal abuse and animal neglect. Anyone that abuses an innocent creature such as an animal, specially when that animal is a puppy, is abusing people and abusing children. And if they are not doing it yet, it is only because they have not been caught. There will always be the potential and the high correlation between someone that abuses animals and someone that abuses people and we must prevent both.

We need to say NO TO THE MISSTREATMENT OF ANIMALS!!! And we need to give more examples of how to love them, and not to be indifferent to their pain and suffering. We need to demand that the laws that were created to protect domestic and companion animals are respected, followed, and that sanctions are applied to the people that violate those laws.

Panama, Latin America and third world countries as well as very well developed countries and countries in the process of becoming more developed, are still dealing with a lot of animal cruelty and abuse of domestic and companion animals, street dogs and cats, because many people, have not step up and fight for animal rights and are not reporting the abuse, and because in some countries, whatever law there is, that suppose to protect animal rights, is not applied, nor implemented, and because there are not sanctions given to those that break it, the abuse simply continues at an alarming rate.

Even if we are not able to rescue street animals, then we must respect them. We do not need to mistreat, abuse and kill them. We need to let them be. My hope is that one day, we emulate Holland, where there are not street dogs anymore and where animals are protected.

Street dogs should not exist, anywhere in the world, considering we are in 2020 where if anything, as a civilization, we are making so much progress in so many areas. If we protect wild life, in Panama and in many countries of the world, why would it be so different with our domestic animals?

Panama is not a third country anymore, and with so many good people living there, this country should be an example to follow, for the rest of the countries of Latin America and the world, so there will be more protection for our pets, for domestic and companion animals and specially for the thousand of street, cats and dogs that roam the streets everyday.

One of my goals for 2020, was to contribute to the welfare of many street dogs and cats in Panama and around the world and even thought this year has been very difficult, I was able to accomplished some of the goals I set.

I also want to thank all of those people that despite of their low income and despite of having so little, are willing to share what little they have with the street animals, the less fortunate, the ones that are ignored and the ones that are despised. I want to thank them for respecting animals and for considering their lives important.

Below you can find many rescue organizations and individuals throughout the world, that are dedicated to the welfare and rehabilitation of animals, many of them cats and dogs. You can click on the links to go to their websites. Thank you.