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“You need to move your body. You cannot be idle. The body was designed and created to be used. You need to move that skeleton. You don’t have to run or do strenuous exercise. Just by walking you will keep in shape and you will burn a lot of calories.”

One of my favorite activities is dancing and I have done that for many years. Dancing is fun and because it is, you can get lost in the moment and forget the effort put into it, until you start sweating and that is when the body starts using the energy stored in the form of fat, to start burning the extra calories. (By the time you notice the sweating, I can assure you, several minutes, if not hours, may have passed)

Another great way to keep in shape, at least for me, is doing yoga, combined with weight lifting. The body as well as the mind need to be exercised daily and to take a break from the chaotic rhythm of everyday life.

Stretching is important for mobility and flexibility, and as we aged, we will need both. The more mobile and flexible you are, the more fun you will have on the dance floor.

After losing so much weight, I did not want to have too much saggy skin, and weight lifting not only allowed me to build the needed muscles to burn more calories, but most importantly, it toned my skin.

Swimming, biking and hiking are, in my opinion, very enjoyable and very easy to do exercises, that combined with a healthy diet, will help you achieve your weight loss goals and burn that extra fat and keep it off.

Get up and get moving. No excuses!! Follow me on all my Social Media accounts to keep up to date on what is happening with me. I will be sharing more information and posting more photos and give you more tips and ideas to lose and keep the extra weight off, and to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

You can also check out my Instagram account to see my dance videos and try some moves of your own. It will be fun, I promise!!