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Beauty Fashion and Style

“Beauty comes from within and projected in the way we carry ourselves. Fashion is what we choose to wear and style is how we used fashion”

There is aesthetic beauty and there is spiritual beauty. Sometimes, people possess one or the other and sometimes people possess both. And the most beautiful people in the world, to me, are those that possess beauty of the soul. That makes them beautiful in their own right.

To me, beauty comes from the inside and it is reflected in the outside by the way we carry ourselves and by our uniqueness and genuineness.

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, for purposes of symmetry, there are certain characteristics, that supposedly, make certain individuals more attractive than others, hence, the reason why some people are considered “beautiful”, while others are not.

I have seen all kind of beauties and I admire those individuals with what would be “consider” very different, unique and very exotic looks, and some times, an incredible aesthetic beauty. And guess what? Anyone can look that way too.

Some people are born, some say, with incredible great genes and some do not and thanks to home-made recipes to take care of our skin and hair, using our own creativity and the many advances in Science and Technology, we all can look fabulous and incredible good these days.

Many people look very beautiful, aesthetically speaking, with or without makeup and many people are not so aesthetically attractive, again, do to symmetry, with or without makeup because of confidence.

Makeup does not define anyone and it should not define you, if you do not let it. Makeup, if anything, can make those unique, personal facial features of you, stand out or hide. You can click here, and go to my Pinterest board, to get some inspiration on great makeup there.

Makeup, if use to your advantage, along with great hair styling, fashion and accessories, can and will transform you and anyone else, into a beautiful fantasy of a face and it can provide high doses of self confidence, many times needed and lacking, even on very gorgeous, attractive and aesthetically beautiful people with very low self esteem.

I am sharing a link for all of you that are interested in the welfare of all animals and do not want to use personal products, specially cosmetics, that are tested on animals. Press here >:)

When you do not have enough money, or do not want to spend the money, or are afraid to try any, none- surgical and, or surgical procedures, such as botox, derma fillers and plastic surgery, being creative and playing with makeup, and trying different techniques and, or tricks, will work to your favor.

On the other hand if you do have the money and you can afford it, then taking advantage of science and complementing derma fillers, botox, and or plastic surgery, with makeup, would take you to the next level, and if that boost your confidence, as long as you understand the risks associated with choosing any of those procedures, then, having those options to chose from, in my opinion, is definitely a plus.

Taking care of our skin and hair is important, especially for those of us with very fair and delicate skin types, that can burn and bruise easily and having also, very fine hair such as in my case that cannot stand the heat and many hair products, I know how important and necessary is to protect and care for them.

To protect our skin and to keep it fresh and young, we must avoid the sun, especially in the face. We must always use sun protection and wearing hats and sun shades, must be done every time we go out.

I will share more information on my posts, regarding this fascinating subject of beauty and I will share things that can benefit everybody, men and women, so stay tuned.

“I think it is very fun to create different looks and coordinate those looks with different outfits. I love color and I love to incorporate that in my wardrobe. I love fashion and unique styles. I love accessorizing and creating different looks and wearing clothes that are not only beautiful, but most important, clothes, accessories and shoes that are also practical and comfortable at the same time. When it comes to being fashionable, I wear what looks good on me. I never wear clothes “appropriate” for my age, I have always and I will always wear clothes according to the occasion.”

I am a classy lady at heart, when it comes to my personal style, however, just like with dancing music, I also like modern and “edgy” styles sometimes, and I like to have freedom to express how I feel, through clothing.

I love flower patterns, as well as solid colors. I prefer cool colors on me and colors that compliment my skin color, however, sometimes, and occasionally, I may wear white. I design and make a lot of my clothing, and I also redesign some pieces, instead of getting rid of them.

I love to buy gently used and used clothing at second hand stores, thrift stores, boutiques and yard sales. (You can find unique styles of clothing, shoes and accessories in there, including vintage and traditional garments from all over the world.)

I hope you visit my site often and you get some ideas in here. You can also visit my Pinterest page and check out my fashion boards to get some ideas and please, share yours!! Fashion and style are so much fun and everybody does it!!