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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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“That spark that lights up inside us, when we need to continue moving forward”

She knows her worth. She is special, beautiful and smart. Faith is her name, her life, and her destiny.

Has anyone inspired you in life? Have you met someone very young and someone that has their life figured out, and/or someone that knows what it takes to enjoy life and to be successful in things that actually have value in life? I have had the privilege of meeting so many people like her and being inspired by them, and for that, I am so grateful, and may God continue blessing me, to meet many more people like that.

Among other great things, faith is confidence and faith is conviction, qualities I saw the first time I met this beautiful, humble and confident person, named Faith. She was so young and yet, she seemed very mature and even thought she was a very beautiful person, she was not arrogant at all.

I admired her sense of responsibility, her sensitivity to others and specially, the way she carried herself, with confidence, without being arrogant, and with a sense of security and stability, knowing what she wanted and how to get it.

We talked about so many things and I knew she would accomplish great things in life and I knew she would make others very happy because of the beautiful souls she had. (Her presence alone, conveyed everything positive about her. She didn’t have to convince you and she was not trying either)

Last year I was contacted by several young people, many of them relatives I have not seen for a very long time, and many that I have only met through photos, and on Social Media sites. Many of these very young people are business owners and many of them are very successful entrepreneurs, that were able to accomplish what they did, with hard work, patience, persistence, consistence, but above all, with a lot of faith.

Somehow, at a very young age, they knew what they wanted and how to get it, no matter the difficulties ahead of them and no matter if they were alone with that dream, with that vision and with that goal. Their faith, that spark that lights up inside us when we need to move forward, gave them that push and that motivation, to believe they could accomplish great things, so they did and that sparks continues to lighten up their path.

There is so much we can learn from each other, no matter our age. We can teach someone what we know and someone else can teach us what we need to know. Just yesterday I was watching one of my very young relatives talked and shared so many wonderful ideas and things of value, to their vast audience on You Tube. I took some time away just to read the comments people left, people that can be their mother or even their grandmother, appreciating and thanking my relative for everything they have shared with the world, and that right there, made my day. I am so proud of their accomplishments.

“Wisdom beyond their years. Purpose in living and creating something of great value for others. What a great legacy these young people are leaving and what a great impact they are creating in their lives and in the lives of many, all because of their faith and all because they believed.”

Faith move mountains people say, and the ones that believe that, have a great “conviction” and they know they can accomplish anything that want to accomplish because they have the confidence, only faith can give anyone. You do not have to be a religious person to believe you deserve only the best, because faith is determine by your convictions not by your religious affiliation, and because this earth is such a wonderful place, and because we all live in it, it means we deserve wonderful things.


Confidence is knowing whom we are and what we deserve. Faith is knowing we will get what we want. Conviction is firmly believing we will get there. It does not matter the equation and/or the order of things. All three qualities are tightly linked. You cannot have one without the other. If you have conviction, you have faith and confidence, and if you think you only have confidence, that confidence only came about because you trust yourself, in other words, you have faith in you.

And if you think or if you know, with “conviction” that you lack one or all three of this qualities, I can simply tell you, you don’t, because you have “conviction” What you need to do is actually see everything that you have accomplished in your life and you also need to remember where you came from and you need to remember all of the struggles you may or may have not experienced in life, to get where you are at, today.

And if you and those responsible for your welfare, have been “privileged” or “lucky” enough to not have had any struggles in life, ever, then may you continue to be lucky and/or privileged.

Faith has been with me ever since I remember being aware of myself and the world around me. Faith has moved mountains for me and it has allowed me to dream, to flight, to conquer, and to achieved many things I only dreamed about. Faith remains lit inside my soul and inside my heart. Faith keeps me humble and faith keeps me on my toes.

Faith tells me there are great things ahead of me, coming my way, all the time, and faith tells me all is possible if the desires of the heart are authentically good and if those desires will benefit me and others in great ways. Faith gives me that push everyday to continue being a good person, to continue sharing my talents and to continue receiving the blessings of the talents of others.

With faith all good is possible and with faith great achievements can be reached, so please, help me God.