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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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Adopt a cat or dog from a shelter
Drink only water
Don’t gossip
Be grateful
Don’t worry about anything
Eat little
Forgive. (Use your discretion here)
Don’t keep things to yourself
Eat clean
Listen to others, really listen
Don’t let others abuse you
Be upset when you need to
If it controls your body, mind and soul, don’t take it
Have goals
Help others
Love animals, things and people
Be happy
Be generous
Eat raw foods as much as possible
Move the skeleton
Be genuine
Spend a lot of time with yourself
Laugh a lot
If it makes your body feel weird, don’t take it
Brake relationships that hurt you
Fall in love easily

Take sun baths
Avoid sarcasm
Use time wisely
Avoid burning your skin
Don’t compare yourself to others
Be patient
Dance away
Be kind and nice
Eat a lot of greens
Ask for help
Don’t follow the wagon. (Yes, the wagon)
Don’t use people
Be responsible
Be happy about the success of others
Don’t procrastinate
Be positive
Create things
Cry when you need to

Oh, and the list goes on and on, however, I am just going to talk about a few things related to wellness, and food, here, today. (Many others in the list, will make for good topics for my next entries)

This past week as many of us know, Texans suffered a great deal, due to the winter storm they recently experienced. I have had the opportunity of chatting with so many wonderful people from Texas and near by states and it was so nice to heard that despite of the many inconveniences they were facing, many people chose to turn those difficulties into pleasant situations.

Someone told me that her mother, someone in their 60’s just drove to an empty parking lot and just drove around the icy parking place, to experience what it felt sliding in it with her car and she liked it so much, she spend a few hours by herself, just spinning and spinning around. (That was funny and as long as she did not get carried away and accelerated that car, her son had a very good laugh about it)

I also talked to another lady, and she told me, in 20 some years, they never had an ice skating rink, and after the big parking lot of an abandoned building turned into ice, many of the residents turned it, into a sliding rink and the day prior to talking to me, the lady had seen 2 to 4 people and the day I was talking to her, Friday, she saw a lot of families, children and young adults, having so much fun and there was a lot of people there, so now it is the official skating rink of the town.

Yesterday, I went to the Latin store, as always, to stretch my money and buy many of the vegetables and groceries I like. I only spent about $80.00 and I bought a lot of groceries that will last about a month, for 2 people and a tiny dog.

What I immediately noticed in the vegetable area, was the ginger roots and the abundance of it. As I got closer to the container, I noticed that most of the ginger showed signs of being under water and I immediately associated that to the ice and snow affecting Texas, where many of the vegetables and fruits we enjoy come from.

I was so happy to know that these ginger roots would not go to waste and that there is so much abundance of it. I had gone to the store, precisely to buy ginger and this was my opportunity to by as much as I could, as the prices are very, very low, so I got several pieces. The fact that they had been under water, does not takes away their benefits. I immediately made tea and I placed the rest of the roost inside paper bags and they went directly to the freezer. (The paper bags absorbe the water from the ginger within a few minutes, restoring complete dryness to the ginger roots)

I am hoping that no food is wasted and that many people that need food, will benefits from many of the crops that were damaged by the ice and the snow.

I remembered a few years back when I saw an article about a guy that goes to several farms in the USA, to collect “ugly” food, as some call some vegetables, fruits and roots that have a very different appearance, lets say for example, a carrot that has 2 or three or more legs.

According to the article, this is not considered acceptable, standard veggies, and the supermarkets do not buy it, because people dont buy them either, so the farmers are forced to use some of the “ugly” food, to feed their animals, but because there are so much of it, the rest is just simply dumped.

Reading that and seeing the pictures made me very sad, knowing that there are many people lacking food and many dying because they do not have, not even essential “ugly food to eat, while other people have to throw away perfectly good food.

I constantly see a lot of food like that in the Spanish markets and I am glad that “ugly” looking food is not going to waste, because of its looks. I am also glad the farmers are actually making money selling all of their crops and I am glad some supermarkets are able to pay the farmers and I can enjoy fresh, nutritious foods like the ginger roots.

All the food you see on my table, is part of the food I eat on a regular basis and I prepare in many different ways. And you can make them also, creating your own recipes, to gain all of the amazing benefits these power foods can give you and your family.

After I clean the cactus “nopales” very carefully, I cut it in pieces and I place them in a pitcher and I add water to it. Only after a few minutes, you can see the cactus releasing that powerful nectar inside. (You can use that water to make your favorite smooties, or you can add coconut water, or other fruit juices) I drink the water and the nectar alone and I also eat the cactus alone just like that, raw.

Other times, I stir fried the catus, and add bacon and scrambled eggs. And other times I add the cactus plants to any meat or chicken casserole. (If you never eaten the cactus plant before, go to a restaurant that sells the “Molcajete” dish, and you will never ever, see cactus plants as just a prickly, green, unpalatable leaf, I guarantee it. That dish is so delicious and the best introduction to cactus eating)

The next 3 vegetables are the most beneficial for us, to help with digestion and to cleanse our intestines and our bowels. (The secret to keep a beautiful, clear complexion, free of blemishes and impurities) The “chayotes” or green squash you see, can be used and can be eating alone or just like you eat zucchinis or any other squash. It is very low in carbs.

When you peel off the skin of the chayotes, do not throw them away, apply them to your face, to clear your complexion. (If you have a food processor or powerfull blender, you can actually pureed the chayote skin a little bit of honey, and leave as a face mask for about 30 minutes, and then massage your face for about 5 minutes, and wash away with warm water)

After pealing the Aloe Vera, I like to add the gel to green smoothies or yogurt. And the okra, also starts releasing that nectar that has many benefits, from cleansing the intestines to easing digestion, and so many more benefits. I add finely chopped okra to my omelets, and if I make a soup, I add the okra 5 to 10 minutes before the soup is done. (I never like to over cook any vegetables)

I hope you find this beneficial and if you can, head down to the Latin American, Mexican markets and many other international stores, around Utah. They are full of amazing food that not only is nutritious and delicious, but food that can help you with “eternal youth” vitality and energy.

There are several stores in the valley and if you care about saving money, you will for sure, and in the process you will help with food waste, the local as well as the national economy, and that, in itself, is a win-win situation for many.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you get and enjoy great vegetables as well. (Me, on my way to prepare a delicious, small lunch and then, to move my skeleton)

Have a wonderful, fabulous day!!