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Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone!!

A beautiful dress I made for my personal collection!!

If you do, you will never be able to measure up to others, their standards and whom they are, and you may feel superior because some others may not measure up to your own.
If you constantly compare yourself to others, people will notice your constant, personal criticism and gossiping about those people, you batching them and you, always finding their flaws and imperfection, specially when these individuals are accomplishing great things and when they “seem” to have it all working for them.

The irony of the whole situation is that the more some individuals do this, the more others dislike them and instead of accomplishing anything good, they will soon be rejected by many, thus, making them even more bitter. Please, do not let that happen to yourself!! (Bitter women and men do not look very attractive!!)

I see it everyday and it is sad to even be talking about it. There are many people out there that have such a very low self-steem, and are living a very miserable, bitter life, because they are allowing abuse in their lives, and while that abuse and mediocre life style goes on, they feel entitle to criticize and try to put down others that are being successful, as if those people do not deserve happiness and success.

The reasoning these bitter individuals use, is that everybody else in this world should be as miserable as they feel and are, for the world to be a “normal” place, because that is what was taught in their homes.
Many innocent, beautiful, wonderful, kind and loving children are the victims of these selfish individuals and many of them grow up, thinking these type of behaviors are acceptable and the vicious circle continues and goes around and around and for many generations to come.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, specially what they are or are not, and what they have, or may not have, take time away to find yourself, your talents, your contributions, and if you are in an abusing relationship or around people that are not contributing positive things into your life, then get out and say bye to those people and those relationships.

Do not be in relationships where you become co-dependent and relationships of convenience. Do not be with somebody or some people avoiding being “alone” (If you have a bitter an empty soul, it does not matter if you are surrounded by thousands of people!!) Do not be in relationships to feel those other people, specially a man or a woman complete you either. Be in relationships with people where you enter as a whole you, as you are, and nobody sucks up any light that you have inside you.

Do not be in relationships because someone can take care of you and your children, and pay your bills, specially if the children are yours and not theirs, or viseversa, as sooner or later, once again, the vicious circle will continue, because children will be in a situation that is not the best for them.

Innocent children should not have to pay for the mistakes of an adult, and specially, children should not be submitted to any type of potential abuse and specially domestic violence.

The many cases of domestic abuse we see everywhere around the world, are so alarming, and children in broken homes are more susceptible to that kind of abuse. (And that would be another entirely good subject to cover another time, not today, and not in this post.)

Take time to get to know yourself. Discover and develop your talents and the things you are good at. Become independent, productive and find ways to use up all of your free time in a way, that you do not have time available to feel sorry for yourself, for the difficult situation you are living in, at any particular moment, and where there is nothing to do, and you could find yourself, without something productive to accomplish.

Look inside and outside yourself, and discover those unique traits you have, that makes you whom you are. Go out and find beautiful and pleasant things to do.

Look around and see the variety of things, people, animals and specially nature and the flora and mountains that are out there, for you to enjoy, and how all of them make up this beautiful, vast and harmonious world we live in.

Understand life does not evolves only around you, and happiness can be achieved by anyone seeking to find it, and it is not a material thing or a boyfriend, or a husband or a car, or a big mansion, or physical beauty and specially not, a lot of money.

And understand that life and personal success is not about whom is better, how much money you can make compare to others, and who can make more of it. Life is not a competition, life is a journey, and it is a different journey for everybody, so go out and enjoy your own jorney.

Hand-made necklace by myself. (Just because and because I deserve it!!)

“Do not compare yourself to anyone. Everybody is special and unique in their own way and right. I have always believe that. I have been blessed so much, I have never compared myself to anyone.

Yes, growing up I was surrounded by very wealthy individuals and of course, I wondered why some of them had a lot and why we, my family and I had little material possessions, however, as I was growing up in the deep rain forests of Panama, a wonderful, marvelous paradise, little by little, as a child and later, as a teenager, I discovered and I understood that what I had at that moment, was so unique and so special, it was beyond the reach of many, so I knew I had a lot and I was very privileged.”

My riches were unique, special and so was that of other people, and that was okay. I also learned that if I ever “really” wanted anything those other people owned, with hard work, I could get those things as well, so I have always work really hard to get what I want and so can you.

I have been so blessed to be grateful and thankful for all that has been giving to me, and because of that, I have always been very happy for the success of others and I have never been threaten by anybody else’s success, and that is why, it is hard to understand people that instead of cheering others up and wanting them to accomplish even more success, those first individuals, try to destroy anything positive with negativity.

On the other hand, if you do not see you need to make improvements and the necessity to make changes into your own life, at least, leave the wonderful, successful people alone, to continue accomplishing great things in life. (You never know, their efforts may benefit you one day)

Have a fabulous day!!