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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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“He suddenly looks at me with infinite tenderness, with a devotion and a sublime look in his eyes. Se seems mesmerized just looking at my face. I look back at him with the same look and feelings. I get him and he gets me. Words are not needed and yet, with a big, wide smile I tell him how much I love him and how much I know he loves me. His tail wagging, he jumps straight into my lap and kisses me all over while I returned all of his kisses back. Unconditional love at its best!!”

Last year was very hard for a lot of people and it continues to be hard for many.
For many, last year was even harder than all other years, because everyday, even without a Pandemic, life is a struggle for all of them to survive. Last year many were abused, neglected, killed, and abandoned. Last year there was little or no trash for them to find something to eat in the streets. Last year many of the loving humans that could feed them, were not able to leave their homes to bring street animals food and water, and many of those animals perished.

How ironic that the more we suffer and the more struggles we go through, instead of polishing our souls and make us a better person, some of us become bitter, ungrateful and cause pain and suffering to others as to punish them for our misfortunes…
And the more the struggles and the suffering, the less some of us learn the lessons.

Karma is real. It is a natural, universal law and it manifest itself without anyone having to wish bad or good things for others.

No individual or government, nor entity or organization established the law. It simply exists. It is a very simple, natural law: What you give, you receive in abundance.

And karma comes back to us sooner or later, and it does and we cannot avoid it. It is also manifested in many different ways and you will recognize when it comes back at you, because it will remind you of your past actions.

In 2020 the animal shelter population increased considerably, so the street animal population around the globe. There were many pets, specially dogs, that were surrendered to animal shelters, and there were so many dogs, and many puppies, that were simply abandoned, either chained up to empty houses, or dumpted and left to die in many far away landfields.

And with the abandoning of so many new unuttered dogs and cats, of course, the population also skyrocketed. And with more street cats and dogs, came more cases of animal abuse and cruelty.

There were so many cases of animal abuse throughout Latin America in 2020. There were very sadistic and horrendous cases of animal cruelty in Panama, perpetuated against many animals, with the sole purpose of entertaining those that participated and watch the suffering of an innocent animal, during Quarantine, even when there is a law that supposedly protect animals in that country, however, that law is meaningless, because the law is not enforced by the authorities and because there are no sanctions given to those that break the law and commit the crimes.

While I was following Social Media very close and read and saw many of the desperation of the people and their struggles in my home country, trying to save and rescue many abused animals, I was also reading and seeing the many cases or neglect, abuse and animal cruelty happening there at the same time, there is a lot of domestic abuse going on, and it was very alarming the co-relation between animal abuse and domestic violence.
The same individuals abusing animals, are abusing people, and abusing their own family members, however, nobody is saying anything in the household, because they are terrified by someone that hurt and killed an nocent animal with the excuse of being mad.

Also, following closely many Social Media accounts and profiles and reading about the many cases of animal abuse, neglect, animal cruelty and how many people are so indifferent to the suffering of another living creature, has created so much impotence and anxiety, and yet, it has validated and increase my desire to continue helping as much as I can, so one day, there will be no more cats and dogs in the streets.

Last year many of us became more aware of what is happening around us and in the world. Prior to last year, many of us were involved in ourselves and how to make life better for us and our immediate families, which is a good thing, however, maybe up to last year, and for many years before that, we had lost the meaning of our existence and why we are here and how we can use the time spend in this world.

I know that I did a lot of pondering and I lot of questioning and with so much time at home, I was able to come to some conclusion in my own life and what is important in it and the things I want to do with the time I have been given and with the time that is left, which I pray to God, will be a very long time, so I can do all the things I want to do.

Part of that eye opening and soul awakening is mainly because of that little guy, Gizmo.

Gizmo has not been my first dog. My first dog, a girl, has a very special place in my heart, and my new little guy Gizmo unique as he is, reminds me so much of that first dog, how special she was, how she changed my life, all she gave me unconditionally, and what I must give back, because Karma is real, I have been so blessed and I have been given so much abundance of good things in my life.

Today is Valentine’s Day. For many it is dedicated to romantic love and for some to celebrate friendship. Some people may celebrate it and some others may not. To me this is a beautiful day where we can celebrate love in all its forms and I am celebrating the unconditional love I have for my Gizmo and the unconditional love I receive from him.

The best gift you can give yourself is a dog, or a cat, or any other animal you like. If you want to be genuinely nice, kind and happy, surround yourself with animals and if you can adopt from a shelter or if you have the opportunity of rescuing a dog or cat from the streets, please, do so, with the commitment of giving them a forever home. (If you make good acts, you will receive abundance of great things, and you will never lack the essentials)

May you have a wonderful, fabulous, amazing and great Valentine’s Day and may you find that unconditional love you so desire.