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“Do Not Give Priority to Someone that Sees You as an Option”

If you follow this advise, you will not settle for less than what you want and you deserve. And I hope you are not the “option”, neither the one leaving the “options” open in love.

You are so sure, you do not need one, two, three or even more options. Even if you have to wait, you do, because nothing else you have seen, has what you are looking for. You know what you want.

I don’t think there is anything wrong when you keep your options open, if you are trying to decide on a job offer, as you are deciding on a “thing” not a person, however, when it comes to making decisions between whom you will date or whom you want to get involved with, in my opinion, you need a different approach.

Things change here. You are dealing with another human being, with their feelings, and you do not have the right to play with a person’s emotions that way, however, many people think it is okay to do so, because, they do not know what they want.

When it comes to romantic love, it is the same, or it should be the same, right? You do not settle for less than what you want and you will only date, go out or start, and develop, a relationship with someone you are really into, and you will not date, nor will you get involve with other people, at the same time. (Sadly not everybody is on the same page)

Some pople are simply “players” or they think they are, or if they are not, they want to have “options”, so while they may be interested in someone, they may also have other options open, just in case, and if it doesn’t work out with one person, then, they will move on to the next person and so forth and so on.

And the bad part is that they do not wait for one relationship to get over, before they move into a new one, or they are actually involved either emotionally, mentally or physically with a lot of people at the same time.

There are so many men, not all, that make a woman believe she is “the one” and “only”, while 3, 4 and more other girls feel the same way, only to find out soon enough, they are a collection of 12 other women, investing their time, attention, devotion and most times, love, to a men that does not even know what he wants, does not have enough time to give it individually, not even to just one of those women, and he also have too many other responsibilities, that man cannot handle, because he is a player. And the absolutely worse things could be, that he is also a married man.

He has so many options to chose from, he forgets the names of all the girls he is pursuing. And either he gets truly confused about his feelings for any of those women, (Who wouldn’t) or he is afraid to commit to only one woman, because then, he would not get the attention of the rest of the other women. (Sounds like the Bachelor)

While he is communicating with you through email or text, he is probably doing the same thing with the other 3 plus women and because it is complicated, sure enough, he will forget what he is talking to you about.

He will suddenly disappear, only to comeback a few hours, or even worse, a few days later, not given a good excuse, or not even apologizing for the abrupt interruption and expecting to continue where he left.

And for some women that at that point are very invested in this man and have developed some feelings, even stronger ones for this person, it would be easy to believe him and his excuses, and it will take a lot of time to discover and to realize she has been played.

That woman and probably all others, will continue to give undivided attention and priority to a man that is using these women and viewing them as an option, nothing else.

“Do not give priority to someone that sees you as an option” I say. We need a man that knows what he wants and a man that is not a player. We need someone like us, so if you girls are players, I would suggest, do not do it, because, sooner or later, karma comes back to hunt you down and also because you may lose on good opportunities.

“Instead of giving undivided time to someone that cannot decided if you are the “special” one, dedicate that time to get to know you, whom you are and what you want in a relationship and the kind of man you want”

Instead of going out or having an exclusive relationship with this type of men, go out with a group of people, hang out and get to know several men as friends first, and find out the traits you like and the things you don’t.

It is too bad that people, men and women miss out on great opportunities, they later regret, because they put themselves in these type of situations. By the time they realize they really like one of the men or women they have been “playing” it is too late and that woman or man is totally out of their lives and out of their league.

I know I do not write a lot about my personal love life, because there has to be some level of privacy, since I share so much about other aspects of my life, however, I wanted to talk about this, because is important and because it is a good time to do so, and because some people think I play “hard to get”

First of all I do not “play hard to get” and second, if some men have the perception I am “hard to get” that may be because they do not know me very well and maybe because I know what I want and they do not.

I do not like to waste my time and specially, I do not want to waste other people’s time. I value mine so I like to believe people value theirs. I respect people so I only expect that back.

I know what I want and it is not some of the men that think they have it going on, and it is not the handsome guy that many girls follow around or like because of his beautiful eyes, or because of his financial status, his money or his material possessions.

I know what I want and until I get it, I won’t settle down for less than that. And I know I will get a wonderful man that will see me as a priority and not as an option, that to me, is one of the most important things, because that is exactly what he will get with me.

Of course, there has to be that attraction and of course I need to like him. In the meanwhile I remain very single and very happy. Looking around, trying to keep away from the frogs and the players, checking quietly for my king since I am a queen and waiting for our “Happily Ever After”