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Intelligence, Learning Styles and Behaviors

“Everybody has a full potential level of intelligence. Just because some people may be better at art than at numbers, it does not diminish their ability to succeed and accomplish great things in life. Some people are great memorizing concepts and mathematical equations and resolving puzzles and thinking analytically, right there on the spot, and those same people can be amazingly good painting artists, very sensitive people that can write beautiful poetry, and people that stand out in the arts and performance fields”

For the most part, these people have a high degree of confidence that will allow them to attempt anything they want, including acting in a play, for example, in front of a large audience.
At the same time, people who seem to be more “artistically” inclined, are very bright, intelligent and with a great degree of detail, patience, creativity, concentration and accuracy, which will definitely assure the right resources are used, defects are minimum, and quality is never compromised by speed. They may take their time to answer a question and to find a solution sometimes, however, when they do, it will be something that has been well-thought-out, a solution most times outside of the box, and a long-term solution that actually works.

It is also interesting that most people are classified either as introverts or extroverts and for most that believe this assertion, you are either one or the other and there is no middle ground, however, for some of us, we know that assertion is merely an interesting opinion.
Everybody has the potential to learn, to grow and to change habits, the question is if we are willing to change those habits.

Also, some people may need and prefer some alone time most of the time, and may choose to be quiet, while some other people love to be surrounded by others all of the time and engage in conversations more often, but it does not mean, that is mainly their personality and how they act all of the time, because, most of the time, it is not.
What is really interesting in hearing phrases like this: “I did not know you do that” “I never thought you actually do that” I would have never guessed that is what you do away from home” when someone that only know us from work, gets to know us at our home or away from the office.

Suddenly the perceptions and the assumptions we made of someone, vanishes and we have the opportunity to get to know more about an individual and what makes themselves so unique and different, than the labels we placed on them.
We are all intelligent creatures and we all have different learning styles and behave differently from one another, and yet, all together as a group, we can make great contributions to society if we recognize our differences is what makes us very powerful, because we are all different and because nobody knows better than someone else. (Knowledge, it is all relative and it depends what area you are talking about)

And in regards to the famous IQ, to me personally, this is the meaning: “Interesting Quotation”
(The level of intelligence of a person, cannot be measure simply by a test, because sometimes, we do things that do not show we may have the level of intelligence, most “average” people have and specially, the level of intelligence showing on an IQ test.)