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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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“I have personally learned so much this year. I will forever remember all of the great things 2020 brought into my life, however, I cannot wait for 2021. Many people already agreed with me, 2020 has been a very challenging, difficult year, however, to remain positive and optimistic, I will point out just a few of the good things I noticed around me and around the world.”

We learned to be more flexible. (Both, in concept and in practice!!) And we actually had more time to stretch those limbs and legs…(I wonder how many people actually sat back, relaxed and place their long legs on their desks…While working really hard from home? 😉
We spent more time with our babies and pets.
We really looked forward to the CEO monthly update as Catholics look forward to the Pope sermon, or Mormons to hear their prophet!!
We could wake up with messy, dirty hair, throw on a hat, put on the mask and shades and go to the grocery store. Nobody would recognize and nobody would judge us!!
For the first time ever, maybe, it didn’t matter what language or what country we were from, we were truly “united” and with just a few words or sentences, we were able to share our feelings with strangers and they understood.
We developed patience if we did not have it and more if we already possessed that quality.
We learned there are more than 1000 ways to make potatoes and many other foods.
We really missed the office…(And it was not the TV show)
We discovered the thrift store is not only a place to stretch and save our money but also a place to find treasures and collectibles.
We discover there is always enough time to do the things we always said, we did not have time to accomplish.
We learned toilet paper and napkins serve the same purpose and $1.00 package of napkins, at the one-dollar store, really saved the day!!
We created masterpieces we never thought we could and we developed so many talents. (It is true. “Practice makes it perfect”)
Ladies) Gray is really the new orange!! 🙂
We became more appreciative and grateful.
We discovered we have so many things in common with other people around the world.
We saved a lot in gasoline.
We finally, “truly” got “Cast Away”
We ate healthier and took our vitamins every day, just like our mom told us to do.
Wearing cozy pajamas while working every day, became part of the “unofficial” dress code.
We remembered home-cook meals taste better than fast food ones!!
Our children discovered people actually did, write long letters to each other, in cursive.
We discovered plants respond to talk. (Or maybe they just responded to us watering them more often)
We didn’t have to make up many excuses to avoid the nosy neighbor!! (Hard to admit and yes, a lot of us may have had someone that got to close for our comfort)
It has been easy to drive our cars around.
We are so cute without makeup and next year with all that money saved, we can afford all the makeup we want!!
We truly experienced the unconditional love and loyalty of our furry friends. They became our personal assistants, and desk bodies.
Empty milk containers if fill with water, do a great job, as dumb bells do.
Technology is truly AMAZING!!
We didn’t get a bikini/speedo line!!
We didn’t really have to wait in long lines.
We communicated more with our far away, family and friends.
We developed true empathy.

And these were just a few things…Can you think what good things 2020 brought to you or you noticed, and/or discovered?
Time seats still, and yet, it flies by at the same time…How can that be? Yes, here we are, just 6 more hours to go and 2020 will be part of history.

I wish the very best for all of us in 2021. I hope this new year brings wonderful things to all of us and I hope we are able to accomplish all of those goals and all of those plans we had to put a pause on and we had to cancel. I hope 2021 will be a great year to achieve great things, big and small and I hope health, love, happiness, and money, in abundance for all. Happy 2021!!