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Wishing Upon a Dandelion

“If you close your eyes as you blow the seeds into the air while making a wish or many, those wishes will come true, if they are pure and good, and the seeds will also carry your thoughts and dreams to love ones near and far away”


Have you ever seen the beautiful yellow fields in the early Spring and Summer, full of dandelions? I am sure you have. Those flowers are hard to miss, they are everywhere and they never really go away. They are very strong, very resilient and always come back, surviving challenges and difficulties and always looking so beautiful, even though, they are considered weeds, and even after they are taken out from their roots.

This tiny, cute, little plant can grow anywhere there is a bit of soil. You can find them in the middle of a paved street with a crack in it, for example, and notice that the beautiful plant seats on a little, tiny piece of dirt.

For many people, dandelions symbolized many good things, among some, intelligence, emotional healing, and long lasting happiness and youthful joy. And to me, right now, at this present time, it symbolizes all good, all possiblities and all the best wishes.

I walked my dog a few days ago, and while waiting for him to sniff the plants, I noticed the holly berry plant in front of him, which is always in full bloom around this time of the year, and to my surprised, there was a white puffball of dandelion seeds right there in the middle of the berries, looking so pretty and of course, to me, that is a sign.

So not only did I made a wish, but I also hope and pray it will become reality and it will become true.

Every single day in itself, is a miracle and a wish granted for someone or many that believe wishes come true. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of all the miracles that are happening, and have happened in our lives and all of the wishes that have been fulfilled.

As dandelions can thrive in difficult conditions, many people see the flower as a symbol of resilience, with the ability to rise above life challenges, which teach us that if a tiny little flower is able to do this, so can human beings.

I know I have a few wishes for Christmas, and I know many of those wishes will become true, however, some of those wishes depend not only on good luck, good fortune and having faith and hope, but those wishes will become true, with the help of others and with the actions of others, so I can only hope and wish and pray, others are able to believe, to wish, and to get all the wonderful things they believe they deserve, they need and they want, so may they receive them this Christmas and this coming year.