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White Hair You’ll Stay

I was born with very fine, little hair on my head, says my mom, and when it finally started to grow out, it was very blonde and it looked so fine as the very delicate hairs coming out of baby corn.

When I was very little my mom kept my hair very short, to about chin length. (I am sure it was easier for her to manage, having to take care of so many other children in the house very close to my own age)

I do not remember too much about my hair until I was about 14 or 15 years old, and that is only because I have seen the photos and not because I can recall my hair style or color exactly. Either my mom or my older sisters, used to pull my hair back really tight and I always had my hair up in a pony tail. Up until I was 15 years old or so, I had “dirty blonde” hair, because my hair was exposed to the sun a lot and so was my skin.

As I got older my hair color also started to change and it got darker and it was a beautiful golden brown with natural highlights in it. In the winter the color was really vivid and darker and in the Summer the natural highlights would be more visible and to enhance the color, I started to do highlights and I liked it. I tried so many styles and so many colors. From reds to browns to darker blondes and in between.

My skin color would get sunburn in the Summer and to prevent that, I would gradually spend time out in the sun to get a “natural” sun tan like the ones I used to get in Panama, however, it didn’t work only because in Panama the climate is humid and I did not have to spend hours and days tanning, for my skin to get just a little darker .

So I always ended up burning myself in the summer and only after, I would get some color on my skin and the dirty blonde hair looked really nice against my “tanned” skin, however, once again, in the winter my skin color would go back to my natural, very pale complexion and by then, the dirty blonde hair, did not look so good.

That is when I started to experiment with darker tones of hair dyed and I used different tones of black and brown, however, the first time I used black dyed on my hair, I did not liked it. It made me look “too serious” “too harsh’ and the look to me, was very “severe” (Back then I did not used any makeup and only for special occasions) so my skin tone looked even paler, against hair that was so dark)

Back then I also cut my hair often to various lengths, from shoulder lengths to past the shoulders but not really longer than that, so if my hair was damaged by the dyed, I just simply cut it, changed hair styles, regrow the hair and tried a different color and a different style.

And then, since 1989, I decided to let my hair grow and ever since, I have always kept my hair to waist length and loving it and liking it that long. And I do not remember when I started to use wigs really and maybe I started to contemplate it, and it was after I cut my hair very short in 2013.

That was a very traumatic experience for me. I had to cut my hair because it was very damaged, so I got a “pixie” hair cut, which allowed me to grow my hair healthier, however, in my view, it made me look like Peter Pan and it made me look so “unattractive”

It was around the time I had lost so much weight and I looked really good, that I decided to chopped off my my very long, past the waist, curly and damaged mane.

I could tell the guys were not really into me after I cut my hair. (You girls out there, most guys like us with long hair. It is true) and to me, I felt like Samson without power…And after that experience, I promised I would never, ever cut my hair that short, ever again.

So back to 2020. The Pandemic changed a lot of things and it forced many of us to make decisions, and to set priorities and to consider what was important and what was not.

And it was at the same time I had already made the decision 6 months earlier, to stop coloring my hair and to grow my natural hair out, trying to let my gray/platinum, or white hair grow out for the second time.

I had already tried a year earlier and there was more of a little bit of “salt and pepper” there and I did not like that at all. I wanted either a head of silver, platinum, or pure white hair!!

“I have always admired pure white hair. It looked so beautiful and it reminded me of cotton and to me, anyone with complete white hair was a goddess, a queen, a princes. Someone very powerful, wise and sublime type of creature. I used to stare at people with complete white hair and to me, they represented beauty, respect and power at its most highest form and manifestation”


Last year in December, I noticed that I had to color my hair more often than every two weeks, because the roots were starting to show.

I also noticed that there was more pure white hair coming out and I also noticed that my hair was getting more damaged and when March came and all broke loose, it was also very expensive to keep coloring my hair at the rate of almost every week…

So I waited for a few months, got all of my wigs out, bough a few more and experimented with different hair color, lengths, styles and finally tried the white wig and long pony tails and…We got a winner!! White hair you are here to stay.

I still have a long way to go before my mane turns completely white but I cannot wait and I am looking forward to that. I also cut my hair past my shoulders, to let it grow healthier and right now thought, it looks beautiful already. My hair is growing healthier, stronger and I see more tiny white strands of hair coming up every day.

I feel like a powerful goddess and I love the look. I forgot to tell you, but I am sure if you read my blog on a regular basis you know I do not tan and I have not tan in over 8 years now. My skin is very pale right now and the silver hair looks really good against my skin.

I use mascara, eye shadow and sometimes lipstick and that is enough, to make the look work and to not fade away as soon as I place the pony tail on or the white wig on my head. I do not use any primer or makeup base, as that would make me look more pale.

So, here I am and I am still feel fabulous and gorgeous, especially with my newer natural mane of mine. Thank you very much!! 😉

Soooooo many wonderful things to say, I will say them in pictures. (Pardon my high enthusiasm, I worked really hard for that gray hair, so I am proud of it!!)

You guys have a wonderful day.