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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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1-Smile: Not only will you make others around you happy, but the act of smiling brings in itself a sense of deep satisfaction.

2-Pretend to be happy. You are not deceiving yourself or others, you simply choose to be happy, no matter if things are not working out the way you want them to be. And as you remain optimistic and happy, things will seem easier to handle if you are content. You will count your blessings, you will be grateful, and happiness will develop in your life.

3-Stand Straight: Posture is everything. Look up. Look forward and believe great things are coming your way. Do not slouch. Do not look down. Keep looking straight ahead with conviction, with certaintity, with courage, with faith, always forward. (Imagine yourself in a marching band, smile and that will make you happy)

4-Think only positive thoughts. What we believe manifest itself and if we wish and want the best, that is only what we will get.

5-Never say “I will try” Just “do it” Get things done. Do not procrastinate. Don’t second guess yourself. Either you say “Yes, I will do it” or “No, I will not do it”

6-Detox your mind and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Every time you feel tempted to have a negative thought, intention or action, think about its impact, and inmediately replace that thought with positive vibes and visualize the great outcome, and keep the later thoughts in your mind.

7-In everything that you do, use your talents. Share all of your talents with others, and bless the life of many with them. The more you share, the more talents you will discover, and using your talents often, will allow you to develop them even more, and the more you do, the happier you will be.

8-Fill your life with things you like to do. Always do the things that you like not what others want you to do. Fulfill your dreams and not someone’s else. Don’t do things because others expect you to do them, do them because you want to.

9-Avoid people that are negative and like to criticize. Happy people surround thenselves with equally happy people, and people who are genuinly interested in the well being and happiness of others, and not in finding flaws and discouraging others to follow their dreams and acomplish their goals.

10-Rest, sleep, relax. Your body, your mind and your spirit will function at their 100% capacity when you don’t feel tired, when your whole body has been charged, when you have had a good night sleep, and when you don’t feel tension.

11-Cultivate your spirituality. Spend time alone getting to know yourself in quietness. Be mindful of your own emotions. Listen to that small voice inside you, your conscience, your guts.

12-Exercise mind and body. Stay healthy, alert, focused, young, flexible and present. Move your body by choosing a favorite activity and doing that everyday. Read books, do puzzles, write down or record life events from your past and try to remember important details.

13-Learn from elders. Ask for advise from people older than you. They have amazing experiences, stories and anecdotes to tell and to share.

14-Reduce stress and anxieties. If something or somebody is causing you to stress and to worry, do not allow it. Speak to those people or person causing it, to reduce its level. Do not worry about things that had not happen yet. And do not give too much importance to things and to people that do not need the high level of importance you give them.

15-Take control of your time. Use time wisely. Manage your time in a way, that you control it, not the other way around. Do what needs to be done as soon as you can. Do not procrastinate and always feel like you are in control.

16-Keep close friendships. Strong, reliable, honest and true friends are jewels that we all need in our lives. Even if you only have a close relationship, as long as you have it, you want to keep norturing a friendship where you are appreciated, you feel value and it makes you happy.

17-Be patient. Rushing things is never a good thing and great things take time. Happiness is not different, and a happy person enjoys the process and waits for the great results at the end.

18-Offer help and help someone feel good. The more we service others, the happier we are, and when we help someone, they will feel grateful, and happy also, thus, the circle goes around.

19-Laught more. Sense of humor and laughing go hand in hand. Laughing allow us to enjoy physical, emotional and spiritual health. Emotional well being is highly impacted by a good laugh.

20-Be good, happiness will follow you. A good person, someone that does and thinks good dees, and a person with good intentions, will always be happy and happiness will always be around and about, and it will always follow the good person, everwhere that person goes.