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And new hope. Fall for many and Summer for others, and yet, for both, a new beginning with many changes and great changes.

This past weekend, I invited my daughter and my little dog to go for a car ride through one of the most beautiful Utah canyons. The spectacular view with all those fall colors; orange, red, yellow, brown and a mix of dark green, light green, gray, white and brownish hues.

Of course, I had to have a photo session, and I posed for my daughter, almost in the same place where we took my first formal photos, outdoors this past Spring of 2020. (Everything was so different and so green then…)

The air is very cold and the dead leaves fall from the trees constantly. While walking through the forest one can hear the crunch of the dried leaves and the echo of the laugh of children and adults playing in the open air.

This fall for many people will be different and for many will be the same. For me it will be very different and very special just like all Autumns are. I will dress up with the complementing fall colors and I will take a lot of photos. I will contemplate day after day, all the new tones and the new colors around me, until all the leaves fall to the ground.

The transition from Fall to Winter is always fascinating to me and this year it will be even more. Tomorrow it will be October the first, the month where the scenery turns somewhat “eerie” and “mysterious” and where by tradition, Halloween is celebrated. By this date, October 31, with all of the strong wind present, the trees turn dark and and the long, black, branches without any leave son them, give the impression of wanting to hug and at the same time scare us.

Nevertheless, this year, our Autumn seems to expand and maybe all other seasons. The beautiful, multicolor views of the canyons, are not yet visible in the city, and the beautiful and vivid yellow and red colors have not yet reach us here, and I cannot wait to admire them and to be captive of their magic.

While we are enjoying this different Autumn, and we get ready for an uncertain Winter and a new year, many more people, at the other side of the planet and the world, are starting to see the changes, the next Summer will bring to them.

We all share that same uncertainty and we all share that faith and that hope that after so many long months, things will be different, better and the good things are close approaching. A new beginning is approaching, which is encouraging and promising.

My family and friends in Panama are getting ready for the transition from the daily torrential rain season, to the season of strong winds in some places and potential drought in others.

The law plains will turn dried and it will be many. The air will feel fresher and the harvest season is nearing in many points of the country.

At the same time, after months and months of isolation and social distance, little by little the country is opening up, and the people are full of hope and they start to make more concrete plans, for a future that seem more near, and for a new year that even though is uncertain, it is also very promising.

The sunsets in the Summer and at the beach are incredible. Those sunsets that made me sigh since I was a child are so beautiful and there is hope many people will have a chance to visit the ocean, to contemplate the waves and to breathe that fresh and pure air that smells like life, even if for a few moments and enjoy the scenery that only the Panamanian sun can paint. The sunsets of my homeland.

Myself here and they there. I thinking and they waiting and vice versa. I dreaming with a new future and a new future full of goals to achieve and plans to complete. And at the same time, en a far away place, someone os some people, share my same thoughts.

And soon we’ll be together, sharing like before or sharing for the very first time. A new promising beginning in the horizon, full of happiness and full of emotion. My heart and my mind are anxious and the wait becomes more and more longer every day and more hard because of the uncertainty. Nevertheless, the months will pass really quick and when I close my eyes, I see my future not my present and I am there with them in the blink of an eye…

“I will look up and once again, I will contemplate those sunsets that touch the soul and I will feel upon my cheeks, that fresh and pure air…I will dance bare feet on the white sand, while the waves rock back and forth in the distance. I will dance the “cumbia” “de mi tierra” and all that other music that fills me with life.”

To contemplate the green of my homeland will give me more hope, it will recharge my spirit and it will give me more strength. The unconditional support, the love and the hugs of the love ones I love so much and that I have not seen in a very long time, will be the elixir of wellness and prosperity, that will mark a new beginning and a new year, one of the best years of my life.

Now I open my eyes again. I am in my present, yes, a present I was not waiting for a few months back, and a present that I did not imagine either, but it is my present and the present of many. And this present of mine is a marvelous present because I am alive, because I can breathe, dance, work, and give thanks to God and because I can dream.

Because everyday is a new beginning and a new stage and a new opportunity to continue doing all those things that will bring me closer to that future I am longing. And I hope that this transition for mi and for you, will feel us with wisdom, and with the best of the best, and that we all can have the best of the new beginnings, because we all deserve it. We have had a very hard year and we all deserve a change.