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White After Labor Day!!

We see a lot of white after Labor day and before Memorial day, in the form of white snow covering most of our smaller mountains and peaks and the majestic Rocky Mountains. And the scenery is so beautiful and every other color goes so well with the purity of white.

Winter theme weddings are equally elegant and somewhat majestic in nature and in planning, including the gorgeous bridal dresses, the carriages, the religious ceremonies and the wedding receptions, at very unique and many times, very historic and opulent venues.

Unless you are a bride, wearing white after Labor day and before Memorial day, for some fashionistas, it is considered breaking a fashion rule that should not be broken. With September comes the transitional Fall season, and the hot Summer days are a thing of the past. Labor day is the last holiday where people spend time outdoors, enjoying the traditional barbecue, wearing light clothing, flip flops, shorts, and the color white is abundant everywhere and worn by many.

And when the weather starts to get colder, we take all of the Summer clothes in, and all the Winter clothes out. The dark hues replacing the lighter ones, specially the white ones. We start to wear brown and black tones and as the weather gets colder and the air turns crispier, we stack on layers upon layers of darker clothing…Well, maybe some of us do.

I have not color my hair for several weeks now and I recently cut about 6 inches off my very long mane, and because I do not really like shorter hair on me, I just decided to go back to wearing wigs for a while, until my hair grows back those 6 inches I cut.

The last time I did this, was about 3 to 4 years ago and it was fun, because I used several wigs in different styles and different lengths, to go to work and on weekends, while I was waiting for my own hair to grow, and hopefully turn completely white, at least silver, or platinum.

Because I love white hair so much, I wanted to see how much of it I had, however, at the time, my hair was not even close to be platinum, nor silver, and actually, there was a lot of chestnut color hair on my head, and some silver hairs here and there.

I recently got me a white wig and I decided to use it a few days ago. Just by walking around a very trendy city, this past Labor day, wearing a mask and visiting a few unique stores, allowed me to see how cool the color white actually looks on me.

Because of my natural pale complexion, at first, I almost felt like the white wig was making me looked more pale, however, the contrast with my black eye brows, black mascara and dark eye shadow did the trick and it created a very elegant, sophisticated and somewhat sexy look.

I had to dance to a cool song playing in the radio, which is one of my favorite songs, and as always, I dressed up for the part, spent about 4 minutes dancing to cool music from a very stylish diva, and if you are curious enough, head down to my Instagram account and check it out on Tik Tok. (I could only post 1 minute of a great dancing son on Tik Tok, but you can hear the whole song on your favorite Social Media platform, and do your own favorite dance moves.)

And so, I will be a “rebellious” fashionista, and I will be wearing white hair after Labor day and up until Memorial day and depending on how my natural hues look like underneath my wigs by then, I may go all “natural” the next time you see a photo of me, around April or May 2021, until then and for now, enjoy my many hair colors and hues, styles and lengths, courtesy of my wigs.