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Your Voice Matters!!

“It is important. It will encourage others to voice theirs. It can speak for others that don’t think they have one or for others that cannot speak for themselves but want to. My voice and your voice can make a difference for me, for you and for many, so speak up”

Have you ever been in a meeting where the key note speaker asks if someone, anybody and anyone has a question, a suggestion, a comment or feedback to give, so it can be address right there, and nobody says anything, and instead, there is this uncomfortable silence that goes on for several seconds, which feels more appropriate as a minute of silence to pay respect to someone that has passed on?

I have been to so many of these meetings throughout my life. Family meetings, company meetings, corporate meetings, supervisor meetings, town hall meetings, community meetings, friend meetings, conferences, grand openings, etc., etc., etc. And what happens after the long pause is something, for the most part, I always anticipate, if I am familiar with the entity, and it is not surprising to me, in many cases.

So, here it goes: Someone raises their hand and says something like this: “I do have a comment and a question” And then the person speaks hers or his mind and share either an issue that needs to be address, resolve or fix and the person expresses concern because that specific person had brought up the issue before and nothing was done about it.

The keynote speaker then, either tries to ignore the question, may not have a good answer to give and is evating the question, or may say something like this: “We certaintly appreciate feedback from everyone and any concerns brought to us, are carefully evaluated and we are working on an effective solution”

After that comment, the keynote speaker talks about how great their “entity” is doing, and how they do not receive that many “negative” complaints nor feedback from anyone else, and how everything is smooth, perfect and “working”, and does not asks anymore if anyone else has any more questions, concerns, feedback, ideas, complaints, etc, etc, etc.

And after the key note speaker has made those remarks, by then, many hands are raise up in the air waiting for an opportunity to say something and when they all do have a chance to speak, the meeting has turned into a very passionate “debate” between the keynote speaker and the audience, where many complaints, problems, issues, and negative feedback is given and there are also, a lot of suppress feelings of anger, unhappiness, disappointment and many people feeling very powerless.

Needless to say, because so many people raised their hands and there were so many comments, concerns, issues, problems, questions, and feedback shared, there was no time to answer all of the questions and many people left the meeting very disappointed and very unhappy…

And I could go on and on about the negative aspects of not expressing our opinions/complaints or giving feedback when we should be doing that, the moment we notice something is not right, and we should be offering feedback and speaking up, on a regular basis, in our daily lives, both, personal and professional, to make sure things are look into, and resolved, before they escalate into problems of a big scale.

Bottom line, it took one person to speak up, for others to follow too, and to validate the fact, that this one person “complaint” was important and valid, and to address and to accept there was a “real problem” that needed immediate attention.

You must speak up if you want things to change. You must tell others what you want to say, because, if it matters to you, it should matter to them. And remember, your voice matters because you matter.

In a marriage as well as in any other type of relationship, how will the other party knows, how the other one feels if one of them does not speaks up and let the other one know? How can you resolved an issue if you do not know in the first place there was one?

The reason I have this blog is because I think what I have to say is important, so I write about things and I say what I consider important to me and for me, and if anyone else can benefit from reading this lines, even better, I have contributed to something good.

I have been speaking up since I knew I had a voice I could use. If I was hungry, I asked for food. If I needed money, I asked for money. When I saw injustices, I spoke up and voiced my opinion. And ever since this happened, my believe and my conviction is that everybody else’s voice is important and it must be express and listen to.

Just the fact I am alive makes me believe I am important and so must be what I think. And because others are just like me, then it means that others are important as well and their voices matter as much as mine does too.

We all have the right to raise our voices to create awareness, to share good, to express whom we are, to advocate and to share, among other things, our passions, our experiences, our goals, the good things happening to us and around us, and how we think and what we are all about and what we like and what make us unique.

And even if we disagree and even with people having different life styles and different point of views and different ways of doing things and linking and disliking things, it is important that nobody feels intimidated by anyone else, to speak their minds, if they do it with respect and with facts and they do not spread rumors, gossip and lies.

I hope nobody feels is better to be silent because our voice does not count. We all need to know we are so powerful and we have many ways to raise our voice and let the world or even a few people know, we exist and what we have to say is important.

I know every background and experience is different and I know people are different but I also know that everybody wants to feel acknowledge, heard, understood and validated as a person and as an individual human being with their own flaws and with their own talents and contributions to society, and that is why it is important to let others speak up.

And if you are shy and maybe you do not feel comfortable expressing your thoughts, ideas, opinions, talents, and feedback, either in person or in writing, then here are some ideas to hopefully get you out of your shell, so you can start sharing with the world, on a larger scale and this may help you.

Start recording yourself talking, expressing your ideas, your thoughts and opinions about different subjects and if possible, ask a family or a friend to have an open “discussion” or a “debate” about any subject and have a 3rd person available to record that discussion. Watch yourself speaking, pay attention, write down any corrections and keep practicing until you feel the discussion, or debate is a good one.

Be open minded to the idea of becoming aware of what is going on in the world. Listen carefully and atentatively, to international radio, TV, and Internet if possible. (There are many to chose from these days, which are completely in English.)

Open a Social Media account and set it to private and star sharing with just your close family and friends, all of those things you are very passionate about and open up with them, about ideas, opinions and the things you really enjoy and care about.

Do not compare yourself to any “celebrities” nor “influencers” or people with a lot of “followers”. Let the building of your community grow at its own pace.

Do not concentrate on likes and followers, however, built a strong and a solid foundation with a community of genuine, kind people that will support you from day one and a community that will allow you to be whom you are and will encourage you to let your voice shine!!

We are in an era where Social Media and its powerful impact is feel by everyone. Social Media specially right now, is a necessity and a powerful tool to use, where our voices can be heard even louder and where it can reach far away places, and so many people. Your voice matters, do not be silent, let the world hear it.