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Working from Home

With Style!! My Own and Unique Style During Quarantine.

There is not really a before and after for me, when it comes to what I have been wearing since Covid 19 came into the picture, except that now, and some days I may not be wearing any shoes at all, and when I do, they do not necessarily are worn to “match” or complement my outfits, and more for practical use, when I need to walk my dog during the day, or check the mail.

Also, since March 31, I have not worn my high heel shoes, like I used to do every single day, when I went to work. (My feet are hiding under my desk the whole day long, and I may not see them, but ocasionally)

Working from home to me, takes on a new responsibility of still looking not only somewhat professional, but feeling awake, renewed, motivated, optimistic, happy, present and alive every single day.

Working from home to me is not different than getting ready and drive to the office to work from there. How I feel will be impacted by how I dress, and how I act, is always determine and influeced by the clothes I am wearing.

Wearing pijamas and sweat pants while working from home, is very tempting, but I would get too comfortable, care free and I am sure, I would be thinking about sleeping the whole day, indulging in my favorite junk foods, being too “casual” with my customers, and not contributing like I should. So I have never done that since I started to work from home.

I get up about an hour before I need to start my work day. I wash my face to make sure I am fully awake and on most days I will have a small breakfast unless I am not hungry, then I do not eat anything.

I may shower the night before or in the morning, and after I do, I choose one of my outfits, get dressed for the occasion and apply some makeup.

In front of my desk is a mirror where I can see my face and my wide, burgundy smile during the day. I am the host and soon enough my guests will be arriving and I need to be the best host ever.

I then proceed to listen to great dancing music for about 10 to 15 minutes, and that for sure, always gets me in a great mood to start the day on a very positive note. Music has that effect on me. I tried to rotate my play list every day, to create variety and not to fall into a daily “routine”

As soon as I start my Monday, I start to count the days that are left and that makes me feel the week goes by faster.

Every day I look for something very inspirational and if I don’t find it, I just ask someone from the many people I interact with, during the day, to share more about themselves and every day I am surprised by the amount of anecdotes, stories and personal experiences people share with me.

I love connecting with people and creating that relationship of trust with them. I love to share my own anecdotes and personal experiences with them as well, and when I do, I realize every single person calling in, is so much like me, it is easy to relate to them.

I do not let myself fall into the monotony, as I recognized everyday is different as every single person I interact with that day is, and every person I interact with is different from one another. I always look forward to hear more anecdotes, more stories and more life experiences.

Every day I choose a beautiful outfit to wear and an outfit that will make me feel and look fabulous to take care of my very important guests.

I never view or allow my work day to lack variety and interest, or to be a tedious repetition and routine. I dont allow any work day to be “boring”, as that would be a reflection of me, and in “insult” to me.

During the day I try to keep up with the weather. I try to find interesting, unique and especially funny events and/ or news. And if possible, I connect via Social Media, with friends, family and the world.

All of my days are exciting and full of promises. As long as I am alive, I look forward to what a new day will bring.

I am a very curious person and as you know by now, being an artist and having a creative soul, does not allow me to just seat in there, without occupying my mind with creative thoughts, so that is what I do every second, every minute, every day, every week, every year. Think, think, think…

And some say and they are absolutely right, Customer Service is hard and yes, it requires a balance and it requires patience and specially during these hard times, when life is so difficult for many people, it requires compassion, caring, understanding and respect.

I come to work with a positive mind set everyday and that positive mindset allows me to be kind, to be patient and to have empathy for other human beings like me, and that mind set also allows me to focus on the positive and to toss out any negative vibes. And with a positive mind, I can hopefully inspired others to have faith and hope restored. (I know positive and happy people give me that)

I like to be very present, very involved and very engaged in my work from the beginning of the day until the very end. My customers are the center of my attention and the center of my universe and I don’t allow distractions to interfere between myself and the customers, not even if the “distraction” is an emergency message from my boss.

I also look forward to the end of the day, because that is when I dance and my daughter records the dance.

After I have “invested” the time, energy, and attention to my work and after I have given 100% and even more, to go above and beyond, I know the greatest thing I can do for myself and for those at home with me, is to destressed, relax and pamper myself, so I do and then I dance away.

I have also decided and I declared Fridays as my “dressed down” day, which means, I can wear more “casual” clothing such as jeans, shorts, very short skirts, tights, spaghettis straps, low cut blouses and just by dressing this way, I can start my Friday and end it in such a great, happy mood, I have convinced myself, I am spending my day playing and having fun, instead of working.

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”

-Orson Welles-

So there, I work from home in style, and with my own style of doing things that work for me. I do not know a lot of things and I am not an expert in a lot of areas, however, I am an expert in regards to me, what works and what does not, and that is my style.

I don’t care and I do not give importance to anything else that does not need to be important to me. While working I concentrate on that, and I concentrate on having a great working day, and I don’t concentrate on anything else.

I do not like to waste time and dwell on things that require so much energy from my part and do not produce any results. I also do not like to waste people’s time and I am sure they appreciate that.

After I am done with work, I am done and I do not allow work to interfere with my personal life or viseversa. Once my “working” day is over, I concentrate on my personal life only.

Keeping that balanced, allows me to produce what I want to produce, and it allows me to be more productive and more happy, both professionally and personally.

And with these thoughts, I shared what is working for me and how I am coping with staying and working from home.

And I also forgot to say that the biggest motivation for me, to have a great day at work and to continue doing what I have done for many years is the fact that I am still working and that I can still provide for my family and for that I am so grateful.