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And hope. That is all you can do, no matter the circumstances. And if we think about it, isn’t that the way it has always been since the beginning of times? I often ponder and wonder about this subject. I wonder how difficult life must have been for the first human being that inhabited this earth and I wonder how daily life was for them.

Did they look forward to their next day? Did they plan for the next day? Did they hope the next day would be better than the present and previous days had been? Did they have goals to accomplish for the next day? Did they have dreams and aspirations? Or did they just live day by day, concentrating about their present; stopping there?

I don’t think so. I like to believe that just by existing, they knew they had to prepare for the next day and for the changes that happen in just one day, sunrise to sunset. Warm to heat, or vise-versa, and some other changes that gradually happened over the course of days, weeks, months, and years and that would become more apparent, as the years went by.

And as they discovered so many changes, and through personal experiences, both good and bad, happy and sad, in order to keep surviving, they had to have hope and faith every day, to know that their situations would get better and with that hope came the faith, or with the faith came the hope.

I don’t know the answer and I cannot say with certainty, that I will get the answer, but I like to believe, I am very close to know it. Just because I am here and some others have to come before myself, so I could come later.

And the fact I am here today, gives me my own 100% certainty, that those before me day dreamed, they planned, they set goals, they wanted to accomplish many things, they wanted a better future not only for themselves but for future generations, and many of them accomplished many things they wanted to accomplish, and they completed many of their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals so my generation would be here.

And I know they did it with hope and faith and I know they didn’t dwell in the past and kept moving forward, no matter what and with so much effort, despite of very harsh conditions, they were able to make it, even in times of uncertainty and even when it seemed as if there was no way to move forward and to accomplish anything…

There are so many stories and so much history about generations of individuals and people that accomplished so much and that secured the future of so many of us, because they move forward, they pressed forward and they continued to have dreams and goals and they never stopped, not even when the circumstances were not in their favor.

I know life as it is for many right now is hard, and for many even more difficult, even harder and hard to imagine. I know many people are out of work, many have lost loved ones and many are struggling to pay their bills and to bring food to their table and I feel for them and there are no words that I can say to them, that would be adequate or proper to say, except the words, “I am sorry” and “I just hope your situation changes very soon for the best” because I genuinely and truly feel that way.

“And I know that “our” situation will change and I know we all need to continue planning, daydreaming, setting goals, and we need to continue to be optimistic, happy and more than anything, we need to be setting more goals and we need to occupy our time wisely, working on anything and everything that is going to bring a better future, not only for us, but specially for those that will come after us”

It may not be in a few days, weeks or even years, that this will be accomplished, however, working on something we really want to accomplish and specially when this is something we have great passion for and something we really want, will allow us to use all of the energies necessary to be successful at it, no matter when it will happen, but it will for sure happen. Remember, faith and hope often move mountains.

I hope you are having a great day. Remember to smile, to be optimistic, to be happy, because that is contagious and in these very hard times, we all need more of that and people will appreciate it. (Oh, and smiling can show in your eyes, even if you wear a mask!!)