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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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And what that thought in mind, I just wanted to share a few images of the things I have been doing for many years now and the many things I continue to do, specially during this Pandemic, that allows me to continue to elevate, stretch, grow and expand. People some times, do not have any idea, and do not know, how much of an impact, their words, actions, advise, and, or experience, have on other people, for good or for bad, and during these past 3 months, I have seen and I have heard so much…

And with some old and new learned wisdom, I decided to use all of this extra time, to enjoy, do and complete many things I wanted and I needed to have done and other things I just wanted to do, starting in the kitchen.

I love lentils cook the traditional way, however, by sprouding them, I have been able to multiply just 1/2 cup that can feed 2 people, to about 15 cups that can feed a lot more people, and when the lentils are full of so many nutritients, one person only needs to consume a very small amount at a time, thus, streching the lentils for several meals.

I have been regrowing my own vegetables from scraps, cuts and seeds. I have been making my own home-made sauces, my own eatible collagen, great banana bread, and the most important of all, I have been able to put together my own blend of a powerful protein drink I use almost everyday, to replace meals, when I do not want to cook, such as lately when the temperatures have been soaring.

My closet now, is full of very beautiful, stylish, unique, re-designed pieces of clothing as well as re-designed and brand new, hand-made jewelry pieces my daughter and I have been making. Since I have been steadely losing weight, I had to fix, mend and alter all my clothes, from underwear to shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans and some of the accessories, several sizes down.

The gently used clothes I was not able to alter and the almost brand new shoes that were too big for me to fit into now, where donated to thrift stores and I am glad someone else can benefit from using very stylish and beautiful pieces.

My daughter and I have been creating and re-creating art pieces, salvaging amazing and unique master pieces we found at thrift stores, which we bought for a very small fraction of what great art should cost and embelished and re-decorated our little home and made it even more beautiful and cozy.

I grew an avocado tree from an avocado pit, just like I have done for several years now, and every time at look at it, it reminds me of possibilities. It gives me hope and faith and I continue to be encouraged, knowing that with resilience, patience and hard work, sacrifices and gratitude, things get better, things get accomplished and things change for the better.

With difficulties and challanges comes resilience, creativity and success. We learn to survive by being receptive to the changes needed and open minded to those changes. We find solutions instead in duelling in the problems or difficulties, simply because we need to survive and there is no other option.

Working from home for over 3 months now has been very easy so far, because I have the full support from my bosses, my co-workers and many other people in the company. And more than anything, I see working from home as a blessing and I am very grateful I have a job when so many people have lost theirs.

And every day I have worked from home, I dress up for the ocassion. I get up, and I make sure I look wonderful because I will feel wonderful and I want to make sure all people I interact with everyday, will feel good too, even thought, some of them may not enjoy the blessings I am enjoying by having a job.

Nothing has change for me at all working from home, versus working at the office. I choose what I will be wearing every day, and I choose the most colorful patterns, the most bibrant and the most vivid colors, which my closet is full of.

Besides being able to see the plants grow. (I made the first pesto sauce the other day after harvesting the very large basil plant I grew from scraps) I have been able to take care of our puppy Gizmo, and we have been able to spend more time with him, creating more of a bond between him and ourselves and spending more precious time with him just playing.

It is amazing to observe that special little creature, his unconditional love, total loyalty towards us, his only family and his inmense gratitude. And that right there, keeps me in my toes, humble and grateful he is in our lives, and grateful for so many great things I enjoy and for the abundance I have.

I am also grateful for all of the experiences in my life, for everything they have taught me, for everything that I have learned and for everything I learn everyday, because, if not for all those lessons, I would not be here today.

I pray, I wish and I hope every moment for great changes to continue to come my way, and not only for me, but I hope for the best for all of us. It is true and it is only expected to be scared with so much uncertainty around us and yes, at times I feel that way, however, it is only for a brief peiod of time, because, if I think about it and if I really ponder about everything, there is nothing “certain” in our lives, in all lives, except for death.

And so, I continue on with hope, faith and gratitude. Always hoping for the best, always knowing that things will get better as they always do and with the gratitude in my heart for everything I am and everything I have, so please, help me God. Please, help us all.