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There was not a lot of planning. I just reached out to my long time friend, Ryan Moat, and asked him to do my professional photoshoot the next day in the Great Salt Lake, and he said yes and we agreed to do the photoshoot some time in the afternoon. The day was overcast, windy and it rained in the morning.

We met about two hours before sunset and drove to the location and it felt so surreal, to be there, in such a magnificent place, experiencing that particular sunset…

“There I was, someone that had gone through the storm and the darkness and never lost hope and someone that always looked up towards the horizon, knowing with certainty, a better future was just ahead”

I could have chosen another more “sophisticated” location anywhere else and I could have worn the stiletos and the fancy clothing and yet, I chose something that reflected my emotions and my state of mind, and Ryan was able to capture the hope, the gratitude and the love for life I feel.

He never asked me to pose and other than being myself, I never felt I was “posing” for his camera. I happened to be enjoying the company of a dear friend I had not seen for a very long time and I was contemplating the beautiful scenary all around us, and it happened to be, that my friend had a camera in his hands, and I just looked at him, smiled while holding on to my “sexy” dress, careful, not to “flash” anyone, and I was also preventing my hat from flying away.

And despite of the water being so cold, and the wind very strong, there was this serenity not only in my soul but around us. It seemed as if time was standing still and as the sunset displayed its majestic colors, I was telling myself in silence: “You did it and you can do anything”

I smiled not just simply for the photos but I smiled because of where I was. It seemed such a long time ago when I was right there, in that same location, taking profesional photos of people, trying to capture their individual beauties and at the same time pondering about my somewhat “uncertain” future.

Back then, it was all about others and never about me, and I did enjoyed it, however, this time, I enjoyed the photoshoot so much. It was all about me. I put myself first. I was the “center of attention” I was the one in front of a professional camera and the one being carefully watched and followed and I enjoyed it so much.

It was nice to see Ryan do his own magic and it has been even more amazing to contemplate all of those images he captured. He really was able to get my true, genuine and happy essence and I am so happy his artistic talents were shared with me and now with the world.

Thank you Ryan,