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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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“The month of renewal. The month of birth. The month of abundance of new life. The month that marks the transition between Winter and Summer. The month where new life is emerging, the days seem to be longer and sunsets are more beautiful!!”

Things are the same as always this year and things are very different. There will be beautiful flowers blossoming and baby animals everywhere. The sun will warmth the earth and the green foliage will appear.

The snow will melt and the rivers and lakes will crystal clear waters, will be at full capacity. The natural water falls will show their mystic splendor, and the great mountains will show their majestic beauty. The birds will sing beautiful melodies and I will be grateful for this beautiful season.

Today is the first day of April, as every year, the beautiful symphony of birds woke me up very early. This was the first time this year, that I heard the birds singing at 4:30 am. I smiled because that was a sign of hope. Everything will be okay. It has to be and it will. I know that with certainty.

Today, even thought it was on the cold side, it was a beautiful, bright and sunny day. Around noon, I took my dog for a short walk. (He was very excited to go out and smell the flowers. Literally) I enjoyed the cold breeze against my cheeks and the warm sun against my skin. (I definitely needed that extra bust of vitamin D, and I am sure I got plenty of it)

I noticed the small buds on many of the tree branches outside our apartment. I have also noticed, for a few days now, that there are pairs of geese, ducks and pigeons, nesting around our home, and today I saw a big nest on top of the roof. Soon enough, we will be able to see new babies and that again, brings a new smile to my face. New life, always brings hope.

I haven’t seen many children, specially babies and small children, in person, for several weeks now and I missed their beautiful smiles and their mischievous ways…And I know is better this way, at least for a while.

I know that this Spring I will enjoy everything from the far distance, as everything is different this time around, and I know that I will enjoy it and I will appreciate it even more. I will look at beautiful photos online and either on magazines and on TV.

When I will go to run necessary trips to the grocery store, I will look at the trees, flowers and the scenery from my car. I will smell the roses at the supermarket.

I will hold on to the scenery, to the smells, to the view, and I will hold on to those memories forever. Everything will be more beautiful than ever before and everything will be more special than it ever was.

If anything, I am more hopeful that ever before and more grateful that I have ever been. There is so much to be thankful for and so much gratitude in my heart. And I also know and I have the faith, that everything will be okay and that everything will go back to how it was before and even better.

There is and there will be changes and challenges and most of all, there will be renewal as it has always been, and with that, new beginnings, new hope and a new bright light, at the end of the tunnel that we are all walking together.

Everything changed and everything remains the same and I have to remember that right now. The earth renews itself everyday and it continues evolving. I need to remain positive and I need to continue to have hope and faith for better things to come. They always do.

There is light and there is darkness. Storms come and go, and there is usually, always a beautiful rainbow after the rain. Patience is a great virtue and through the years and ever since I was a little girl, I had to have it and I will continue to be patient. It is just a matter of time and this will pass and everything will work out for the best.