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Cleansing my guts and getting rid of waste!! And as long as I don’t feel bloated, heavy, sluggish, tired, sleepy and in a bad mood, then it means, choosing the right foods for me to eat, its working out.

I have been working with a personal trainer since November and we are very close to reach the 90 day mark. So far, there has been a lot of improvements and several few sizes dropped, however, due to my limitations when it comes to the excercises I can do, the progress has been somewhat slow but apparent to me.

And most of my progress is due to my way of eating and what I put inside my mouth. Nutrition pays the biggest part of the equation for sure. It has not been hard for me, to follow the somewhat more stricter diet, because I already chose to eat healthier foods, however, even with healthy foods, I cannot indulged in too many of them.

I have incorporated more of a variety of above the ground veggies and fruits, from all over the world and I take the extra step, to create beautiful and appealing dishes, not only for the delight of my stomach, but specially, for the delight of my eyes.

“Every dish to me and for me, is a masterpiece that I admire and that I know, will provide me with amazing things and before I eat, I contemplate the colors, smell the aroma and finally enjoy the magnificent, fresh taste of nature. So delicious!!”

And I do the same at work, trying to prepare raw, uncooked vegetables and serving them with my favorite lean meats and nuts and avocados, instead of bring cooked meals and having to warm them up in a microwave.

All of these meals leave me full, satisfied and ready for 2 hours of muscle building and cardio workout at the end of the day, and a more relaxed and deep night sleep, at the end of the workout.

I love how I feel inside after I have one of these meals. Refreshed, renewed and not so heavy. I know I am doing my body a great fabor and in return, my body is working with me and for me.

Also, it is so easy and it is more natural to get rid of waste, eating just the right amount of nutrients, besides, the body is smart to know how much nutrients its needs and anything else, if not burned, will accumulate and I can definitely feel how uncomfortable it is, to feel I am bloated, there is waste that needs to come out and I am waiting for a few days for this process to happen, instead of evacuating every day.

In my personal case also, as soon as there is waste accumulated inside my body, I can feel it and I feel uncomfortable, and start to break out and it shows on the surface of my skin, in the form of rashes and pimples on my face and of course, I do not like that.

Today I will be getting one of my favorite probiotics out there. It keeps my guts clean, normal and my tummy flatter. If you do not know much about probiotics, do your research, as they are amazing to enjoy optimal gut health. They keep the good bacteria in our digestive systems regulated, and they reinforce the inmune system.

I will come back soon with more cool stuff. Remember, some times it takes time for a process to take place, but as long as you are doing your best, soon enough you will start seing the results and it wont seem as long!!