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It started right after we came back from Panama, and it continued, with my early Christmas present this year, back in November. I gave myself one of the best gifts out there: A personal fitness trainer for the next 6 months.

When most people including myself, up until last year, were consuming large amounts of yummy Thanksgiving treats, this year, I was going through a series of what I perceived at the time, to be very hard exercise routines and repetitions I could never master.

I was sweating a lot and I was pushing myself really hard, to be able to accomplish many of the new tasks assigned to me, just as harder as I continue to do today.

All the hard work truly pays off at the end. I can see the results of my hard work every day. It’s amazing what this body of mine can do. Our bodies are incredible pieces of extraordinary machinery!!

And here I am. My body is quickly responding to the new routines and once again, I see the changes taking place inside and outside my body and that motivates me to continue the somewhat “difficult” sessions, because of my ongoing issues with the right shoulder and neck pains. Once again, I am limited to what I can do, but that, which I can do, I give it my 100% and more.

It is true, I am limited in my ability to do certain movements and certain exercises, however, I have to remain creative and I am always finding ways to compensate for the exercises I cannot complete and doing others that allow me to work even harder, without causing any type of injury.

I look exactly as I did 2 years ago, and I will look a lot different in April, since this time, I am building more muscle and I will have more definition than last time I loss all that weight. My upper body and my legs are extremely strong, and my core needs more attention and yet, I can see the changes taking place and the sizes dropping and the clothing becoming looser on me and I like what I see.

And if you notice, I have not posted very energetic dance videos, however, that will be changing very soon. Stay tuned to see more pelvic and hip moves, as well as more fun dances. (I have been doing a lot of that too!!)

My personal trainer is amazing and I am so glad I am invested in getting one. I have learned so much in such little time and from someone that not only is an expert in their craft, but someone that looks fit and someone that can take me to the next level I want to achieve.

This year, my daughter and I, decided not to take out our tiny, itsy busy, Christmas tree, because this year we have our little baby dogie and we want to avoid him shewing on the Christmas balls and getting hurt. There will not be any Christmas presents under the tree. We completed all our Christmas shopping 2 weeks ago and most of those gifts are things my daughter, our dogie and myself, will actually use on Christmas day.

“For Christmas, I will be working out and I will be watching my waist, literally. I will be careful with my diet and exercise, preparing myself to wear the itsy- bitsy, tiny bikini or swimming suit next Spring break and throughout the Summer.”

I hope that you guys have a wonderful Christmas and you receive those things that you so eagerly want. I am all set and this Christmas will be a wonderful one again, thanks to so many people and I am so grateful for that.

May God bless all of those special souls that push me, encourage me and believe in me everyday. I specially wish for those that may not have as much as I do, to be able to receive a lot more, and for those that have a lot, I wish them, to be blessed even more, with abundance of wonderful things.

Merry Christmas you all!! (I will come back soon after Christmas)