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“Invest in Yourself”

These were the wise words of my financial adviser friend, Chris Miles, with Money Ripples, a couple of years back.

I knew exactly what he meant at the time he gave me that advised and I knew exactly why he gave me that advised. He saw the potential within me and he encouraged me to make several changes I have make, ever since he gave me that advised over 10 years ago.

I met Chris a long time ago, when we were both working in the customer service field and I knew from the very beginning that Chris would be very successful in his career endeavors.

A few years later we crossed paths again while doing a photo shoot for a local magazine that featured an article about success and I chose Chris and another gentleman to be on the cover. Once again, as many years’ prior, Chris remained that humble, smart and very confident man, I had met several years earlier and an amazing, human being.

There are certain type of individuals, that just radiate good, positive vibes and a level of confidence without arrogance and Chris, without a doubt impressed me as a very young man and later on, inspired me to not only believe in my potential but most important, he encouraged me to do what I had neglected for so many years: To invest in myself first and to think about others last.

And so for many years now, I have always remembered those kind, wise words and that advised. I also have to become somewhat “selfish” and yet, in the process I have learned than in order to “help” others, one needs to be in a position that would allow him or her, to “assist” those in need.

And it is not always about money and the possibility of giving it away and lots of it, but sometimes, other people may need and require more tan what money can get. What about those people that just need our time, our listening ears, or some wanted advised? What if someone can make good use of my physical strength for example and if I we are not in good shape, we are not able to help them?

Several years ago, one of my elderly neighbors had to suddenly move out, and she asked me to help her move very heavy boxes from the 3rd floor of our apartment building to the parking lot and I was able to help her moved, over 30 boxes, within 10 minutes, all by myself, because I was in in good shape.

In some other occasions, people, especially children and younger adults, or adults without lack of information/experience, may need our help because we may have the knowledge in certain areas they don’t and we can share that knowledge with them.

And some other times, people may ask for help and we will not be able to help them, because we do not have the means, we don’t have money, we don’t have time, and basically, we lack a lot of what others need. And this is when you realize you must invest in yourself first and you must keep yourself prepare and ready, having not only the internal but the external resources that will enable you, to provide for yourself, in times of need, and to be able to do something for others.

I also know that sometimes things happen that are out of our control, and as careful as we are about being prepared and taking care of our own needs first, some times, we may lose all of our resources, and we may have to depend on others. I know what it feels like to be in this type of situation, because I have been there, many, many times, needing assistance and needing help and finding that help, has been really hard at times, however, someone that was “prepared” was able to helped me out.

I have also being there, many times when someone asked for my help and it felt so amazingly great, to be able to help someone and especially, it felt even better because nobody else could offer the help needed but myself.

And yet, some times it is better to give the opportunity to others, to jump in and offer a better expertise and an opportunity to assist others and it is better some times, to just take a break and be “selfish”.

“We also need to invest time for ourselves, the same way we take care of our families and children, and our significant others and our friends, and our acquaintances, and our community. If we can pamper others, then why aren’t we, doing that to ourselves?”

We need to put ourselves first often, and we need to remember that in order to “serve” others well, we need to be well, in all aspects of our lives. We need to be well spiritually, personally, financially, and specially professionally. (Most of us spend 8+hours at work and if we are not happy with the work we do, then, it is time to move on and find a different line of work where we find fulfillment and a reason to get up every day to earn our living)

Chris has not been and it is not the only man that have caused a great impact in my life. There have been so many great men I have met in in my life, men that have impacted the very core of my soul for good and great men that inspired me and continue to inspire me to remain a good person.

There have been so many great men in my life that have encouraged me to reach for the stars and get them and great men that taught me great lessons in life, and on another occasion, I will write about other experiences as well, because those experiences touched my heart deeply and made me whom I am today, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

And I continue “investing” in myself first, even if that is percieved by others as being selfish, arrogant or bad. If I don’t invest in myself, who is going to do it for me?

I will come back soon, with more.

Take care and remember: Be selfish. You are first. Invest in yourself!!