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He is Hot!!

Did I get your attention ladies?

Ha! Ha! Ha! (Yes, he was sweating during the photo shoot and he was hot as it can be) And that was a good thing.

For any man venturing outdoors in this type of weather, in my opinion, they should be very warm and why not, very stylish, right ladies? Oh yes, and he is also hot!! (I am saying that with the utmost respect because this “hottie” is actually a good friend of mine, Ryan Moat, a talented, nature photographer and composer and one of those men, I look up to and no, I don’t have a crush on him)

He is an amazing human being and I will forever be grateful to him, for helping me, when I needed “assistance” and for being kind and nice to me always and for inspiring me to be a good person as well.

There is nothing wrong with a guy dressing for us ladies, actually, it is so nice when I meet a guy for a date and it does not matter if we are going to the movies, dinner or what time of the day it may be, and if the guy has taken the time not only to look his best, but he has taking the time to choose an outfit that complements his best features, than to me, that is a good sign, the guy cares, and a guy that cares, is a keeper.

You do not have to be a model, to look good on any type of clothes. You just need to have confidence, appreciate fashion and what the “proper” type of clothing can do for you and the impression it would cause on those that see you and “notice” you, and you want to give a good impression.

“Just like with women, there are certain type of clothing fabrics, make, color, design and way of wearing outfits that can either make us look very good, or that take away our own personality/beauty.”

I strongly believe less is more when it comes to fashion and either for men or women, just one accessory alone, can make or break an outfit.

And when it comes to Winter fashion, we all know that the more layers the better, to protect us from the outside elements, however, if we choose the right materials and a good quality workmanship when it comes to our clothing, we do not have the need to bundle up so much, that we will compete with Frosty the snow man, especially if we are not very slim to start with. (Yes, that’s how I look, at only 5’2 and when I am carrying extra lbs. On my skeleton.)

Investing in a couple of good winter pieces is wise, especially a good winter coat, scarfs, hat and gloves, we can switch around and with many different outfits.

It is also wise to buy winter clothing in the summer months, as the prices drop down considerable, and you can find unique styles at second hand and thrift shops.

I hope you enjoy the nice winter season and you stay hot as you are a hottie. Always remember that!!