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We are about to celebrate one of the most traditional, important and always anxiously awaited for, American holiday: Thanksgiving. (A whole year waiting for my very favorite meal of all times, specially looking forward to have lots of cranberry sauce…Mmmmm!!!)

Some of us will be the host to family and friends that will come, in most cases, from very far away and only once a year, while some of us may travel far or nearby, to partake of the succulent and very delicious, Thanksgiving feast.

No matter what the situation may be, one thing is for sure. For all of us that celebrate this great American holiday, it will be an opportunity to be thankful and grateful for many things and I am so blessed, I have so many things to be grateful for. This year I was able to accomplish many of the goals I set out to accomplish last year and a few more.

We were able to adopt a puppy after so many years of having to wait, to be able to afford one and to be able to bring one to an apartment that would allow us to have pets.

We were able to travel to Panama and spent, even if little time, with dear, close friends and family. Even with so little time, we had an amazing time and as always, we had lots of fun and we enoyed our trip so much.

The last time we had visited, was 3 years ago. It was a very fast visit and it was right after my older brother, was suddently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, that took him away less than 3 months later.

The mood, on that visit, to say the least, was very sad, very somber and bitter sweet. It was a very vulnerable time for the whole family.

Just a few months after we lost our older brother to cancer, we found my half baby brother, someone that I had not been able to meet for the past 35 years.

We corresponded through Social Media for about a year and exchanged photos and information, and we met for the very first time, and spend a few days together, this past August, while visiting Panama. Something so special I am very grateful for.

And there are a few more things I am so grateful for, however, I will share them with you later on.

“I am grateful for the obstacles that sometimes may come my way and I am grateful for closed doors and for remaining resilient, because better doors and better opportunities are opening up and coming my way and that is what is important.”

I am very grateful for the wonderful people that I meet every day, for their example, for their encouragement and for respecting me, trusting me and being so kind to me, even when they do not know much about me, except for looking at me in the face and telling me right there “You are special”

I am thankful, I am a grateful person and I continue to appreciate the air I breath and the beautiful world around me and I am grateful for the energy, enthusiasm and positive outlook I have on life and about life. I am grateful for the person I am, for my values and for my daughter.

I am grateful, I am alive, well and I am able to get up every day, move my skeleton and contribute to society by working and earning a paycheck to support my family.

I am so grateful that I am a happy person and I can appreciate others beauty, talents and intelligence without being jealous, or feeling threaten by it, and without having to compare myself to others for what we might or may not have.

I am grateful to my employer, to the school that educates my child, to my daughter that listen to my advice most of the time, to my little puppy for protecting me, to my mother for always praying for me and to God for giving me life.

Yes, there are many more things and many more people I am grateful for and if I continue writing, then I will have to name them completely, so they get the credit they deserve, and there would not be enough and suficients words, that would adequately conveyed my gratefulness so I must stop here, now.

I hope everybody has an amazing thanksgiving and specially, I hope everybody enjoys a great, amazing Thanksgiving feast with all their favorite food and I hope there is enough for seconds and even thirds!