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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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“Urban art combines street art and graffiti and is often used to summarize all visual art forms arising in urban areas, being inspired by urban architecture or present urban lifestyle. Because the urban arts are characterized by existing in the public space, they are often viewed as vandalism and destruction of private property.

Although urban art started at the neighborhood level, where a lot of people of different cultures live together, it is an international art form with an unlimited number of uses nowadays. Many urban artists travel from city to city and have social contacts all over the world.

The notion of ‘Urban Art’ developed from street art which is primarily concerned with graffiti culture. Urban art represents a broader cross-section of artists that, in addition to covering traditional street artists working in formal gallery spaces, also cover artists using more traditional media but with a subject matter that deals with contemporary urban culture and political issues. In Paris, Le Mur is a public museum of urban art.”


What I enjoy the most, while strolling in any city, around the world, is the amazing “street” art or “urban art” An art that talks about its people and its culture. I love to discover iconic people and moments in history.

I love to see the artistic representation of ideas and passions and more than anything, I love to see the empty spaces of sometimes not so attractive buildings and/ or places, being adorned in very beautiful multicolored poetry.

If buildings and spaces could talk, they would have so much to say, and when an artist paints and adorns an old building, it gives character and it gives it a visual voice, very hard to ignore.

And there are so many stories and so many emotions shared in street art, not only about the art itself but specially the artist. The piece of art is not only a representation of his or her work, but a window to the artist’s soul.

When I can and I understand the signature of the artist, I immediately research it and find out more about him or her and about the piece of art.

And I am always surprise to learn more about these people. And I am happy to see their work displayed in enormous canvas for the world to see and for the world to enjoy and I am always looking forward to discover the new, greatest artist of the moment, so I can enjoy their art.

As you know I love to take photos and selfies and I am always looking for very interesting and beautiful backgrounds to take photographs, and for me, there is nothing more urban that street art and all that it represents.

And if I wanted to take a truly urban shot, then I will take photos of street art, which I did, with my daughter a few years back and recently again, and I will continue to do so a few years from now, and hopefully the older buildings would not be torn down by then, so we can still enjoy the beautiful art for many years to come.

If not, at least we’ll have the photos and the memories…