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Cleansing Naturally

From the inside out. The spirit, the mind, and the body. Rejuvenating the soul and clearing the mind. My daily goal, my weekend ritual and what I do when I visit the Rain Forest in Panama.

It is not rare to see me carrying around a 16 ounce mug full of smoothies of different textures, colors, flavors and smells. Some days I mix pineapple chunks and cactus leaves, and some other days I may add strawberries, celery and kiwis to the mix. I only add a bit of brown sugar and only a little bit, if the pineapple and the kiwi fruits are not sweet enough.

I also mix, occasionally, almond milk with raw eggs, chia seeds and flax seed powder, with a pinch of brown sugar and I substitute meals and mid morning or mid afternoon snacks.

I also drink prune juice to naturally cleanse my guts and I like to do this at least once or twice a month.

To me, cleansing my body from the inside out it’s important, necessary and essential, not only to feel good but also to look good. When I drink the smoothies I describe above, I always feel renewed and refreshed.

Giving good food to my body, to me, is just like fueling my own car with only the best gasoline out there, so my car will run efficiently and for a longer time. And if I do that for my car, then I cannot expect to do less with my own great and amazing machinery I have which is my body.

I am so blessed. When I visit my family and my mother in the rain forest of Panama. 99% of all of the food I eat is locally produced, harvested and prepared fresh and daily by my mother, and 99%, the food and the chicken eggs, comes directly from her own garden.

I love to look out the window of my mother’s kitchen, and see my mother’s garden or the neighbor’s gardens and realize they have such a somewhat “magical” place there, where you can find all types of natural remedies and medicines, to apply to the skin, and to consume.

I know my mother and her neighbors know they are very blessed, they have a wonderful place to visit, to enjoy, to contemplate, to ponder and to meditate and relax. Such a blessed paradise.

“This is a place that will allow anyone to rejuvenate, to meditate, to deeply ponder and to relax, to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to get in touch with one’s soul and with nature.”

Whenever I visit I feel I am cleansing not only my body but my soul, my spirit and my mind. The energy I get out of this place, just by contemplating its beauty, is an amazing energy that transforms me into a powerful being, full of wisdom and full of creativity and even more in love with life.

While visiting we were staying at my mother’s place, everyday we would go to harvest fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables to display on the kitchen table and to eat. And every single time my mother would offer a special cleansing tea or a tea that would cure any discomfort, from headaches to tummy aches.

And the “anis” tea was so delicious as well as the mint tea and some other teas she made and I would feel better from whatever small discomfort I was experiencing, just like magic.

Oh yes, that is the way I grew up. How blessed and lucky have I been? All of those healthy habits will hopefully, be pass from generation to generation, because they are great things to pass on and because healthy living is an important thing in my family.

And I thought about sharing these thoughts with you this afternoon. Although I called these “cleansing” smoothies or shakes, that is not really their only purpose. You can really have them every day and you can use them also to replace meals.

You can mix your favorite fruits/vegetables and you can also make shakes that contain regular milk, instead of a substitute like almond milk. I like my smoothies and shakes without milk, as they have less calories.

I hope reading these lines, have inspired you to take a break from your busy schedule, and I hope that you were transported to a magical destination, while you read this post, and hopefully you find time to actually bring that fantasy to life and make it a reality.

I will come back soon. Take care,