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That is an statement not a question. And this is a question: Who isn’t? Everybody is driven and motivated by money, even if they tell you otherwise.

Money can buy many things, specially essential things that everybody needs to survive, unless you live in the undiscovered, deepest rain forest of the world and you are able to meet all of your basic needs without having to earn money to survive.

I love money therefore I am consider to be a “money driven” woman. Money pays my bills and to have money I have to work to earn it and if I want more of it, then I need to work a bit harder for it.

There is nothing wrong with being money driven, as long as one makes that money by working hard to earn it and as long as there is a clear vision of how to use money to our advantage.

Someone told me once that they didn’t care about money and that money could destroy many lives and at the time I didn’t know what to respond to that “affirmation”, even thought I had a suspicion, that person was wrong and at the time, I was not sure how to respond, so I didn’t say anything and I let the person shared their thoughts.

However, through the years and through personal experience, I am wise enough to know that everybody cares about money and I also know, without a doubt, that money can be a great blessing in people’s lives, as long as they know how to use money to their advantage.

“Money not only pays our bills but it also allow us to partake of hobbies and buy things that we don’t really need but we really want. When we have “extra” money, we can also contribute to the welfare of others, whether it be family, friends and/or even strangers. So yes, money is important, vital and necessary for all of us, at any given period.”

If we make a lot of money and I mean lots of it, one day, when we leave this earth, that money could possibly be left for others, either individuals or institutions that will hopefully use it to benefit many.

For those that say they don’t care about money, unless they receive welfare assistance or an inheritance from a very rich, departed relative, on a monthly basis, or more often, I say, I don’t believe their affirmation, and I am sure many would agree with me.

Even the people that receive “free” money, I am sure, care about the money they get, otherwise, they would have turned out the “gift” or they wouldn’t have pursued welfare assistance and if they are receiving welfare assistance, it is because they know the value of money in our society: Without money is hard to do a lot of things and take care of our basic necessities.

There is an enormous satisfaction when we are able to earn not only the money that pays our bills, but that “extra” money that can pay for that beautiful corvette. Hey the handsome guy with the yellow corvette appreciates, values and works really hard for what he wants and owes, and I sure his girlfriend, the model in the photo appreciates the cool car too. Both of them are so beautiful, I think, they both deserve to be driving such a beautiful car as well.

(I am not into cars and just having a regular car that starts and drives me places is enough for me, however, the moment I sat on a Lamborghini, was the moment that I understood why people that value comfort, choose these type of cars and I also understood why anyone with money, will want to buy one)

What about that “dream vacation” to a marvelous place? We don’t need it but it would be so nice to go there, wouldn’t? And to go on a nice vacation, without any money, we cannot.

I am sure the guy that owns the corvette is money driven and I am sure he worked really hard to get that car and I am sure he can get any other expensive car he wants, because he knows how to make that money. He loves money and he knows the value of money.

And I have been on many vacations, to many far away, marvelous places, by working really hard and making the “extra” money I needed, so yes, I valued money. I know money buy things and sometimes it can also buy dreams, so I am money driven, because I have gotten things I wouldn’t have gotten without the money.

My first car in the USA. (Chevy Corsica) Pictured my best friends.

It was so nice to get my first car a few years back and to be able to drive around my close friends and to go for long trip and all with that “extra” money I earned by working really hard, as many hours and as many days as needed, because I wanted and I needed a new car.

And so, I will also continue to be “money driven” to earn and to make the money necessary, to pay and to get the things I value and the things I need and the things I want.

I will do anything I need to do, that is honorable and honest, to provide for me and my family. I will get up every morning thinking about money, how to make it and more of it.

I will continue to love money and I will continue to be grateful for the intelligence I have receive to know what is important and what is not. Most importantly, I will continue to be “money driven” so help me God.