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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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Harmony, simplicity, playfulness, elegance and sophistication. A timeless, classy look for all of those “fashionistas” out there. Earth tones to go with the scenery, the mood, the weather.

From a casual morning date, to a day at the office, a visit to the church and anything in between and more. All you have to do is to swap accessories and pieces of clothing and foot wear. Add your own touch and create the look you want according to each occasion.

If you are going out during the day, and if it gets too cold, you get the heavy jacket out and if you are going on a date night, then just get out your leather biker coat or jacket and your sexy boots. You will definitely look very sexy and you will be the center of attention. (For him anyway!!)

For a church service and for the office, wear a longer skirt and wear your tight jeans or your mini skirt if you are going dancing, to a cocktail party or if you are spending time on a date.

Wear layers and take them out as needed. Get that beautiful bracelet or necklace out and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Get the belts, head pieces, scarfs, and hats out and experiment with different looks.

Wear two necklaces together or combine two different ones. Just like the multi-colors around you, celebrate the Fall and its beauty by trying on different hair styles, different hair colors and different clothing styling. Fall is fun and you can basically do anything you want.

You can wear any color you want and it will look good on you, however, if you want to create harmony and match the beautiful Fall colors, the earthly tones never go wrong on any skin type, any hair color and any eye color.

You just have to be confident and play the part of the gorgeous woman you are at all times. You got to believe you are beautiful and you look amazing and soon enough you will believe it, because you are amazing and it will show. (Your essence and whom you really are, cannot be copied from someone or mimic. Your essence is yours alone and it belongs to you.)

Carry yourself in such a way that there is no doubt about whom you are, what you believe in and those convictions will carry you through and will let others know you got style and you are unique as the Fall is.

“You believe in harmony and simplicity. And your own style is that of a very classy lady, that appreciates and is not afraid of trying new things, especially when it comes to fashion. Your style has a little touch of sexiness, playfulness, elegance and sophistication. You are colorful, unique, beautiful and creative.”

Your style will never go out of fashion. Just like the Fall season, it may go away for a few months, just to return in one year with its unique, different splendor and never repeated array of colors and hues. And once again, your braveness and your beautiful, unique, colorful taste, will be in display once again, for many to enjoy.