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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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The beautiful lush, green leaves, no longer such…The mornings are darker and the days are short. There are magnificent, unique and exquisitely “painted” sunsets in heaven almost every day.

The air turns colder and crispier, and the atmosphere turns “festive” The hues of the Summer are not longer in sight and the harmony of the warm colors, from the pumpkins to the hay, to the sunflowers, to the corn fields and the sunsets, warms hearts of young and old alike.

The colorful array of magnificent hues, has began its marvelous display of numerous tones of browns, yellows, reds, oranges and black and white leaves, that combined with the marvelous blue sky form the most amazing paints in the horizon.

Every season has its own magnificent and unique beauty and importance, and just as in life, there are lessons to learn from each of them and there is so much to learn from “Miss” Fall beauty.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year, not only because of its beauty, but because it is a very busy season and a very fun season where I can enjoy the company of friends and family members, I don’t get to see on a regular basis, and where I can see them at least once a year.

Fall brings with it the type of weather where I can be more fashionable, I can wear more of a variety of outfits and I am neither too hot, nor cold, so, in a way, it is the perfect weather season of the year for me.

“But most importantly, to me, personally, fall reminds me of what life is all about: “You live, you contribute and then before you go, you leave something of value to others”, and this is what falls means to me.”

We are part of earth and earth is constantly renewing itself, and year after year, with each passing season, there is always beauty in abundance and something new, unique an extraordinary happening. (This brings another thought to mind: May we continue this yearly journey and may we continue to live, to grow, to learn and to enjoy this beautiful world)

In the fall, the very beautiful flowers of the Spring time are ready to say good bye and also, before they go, the multicolor beauties surrounding the tree branches, called leaves, display their most magnificent spectacle for a few weeks, before becoming one with the soil…

And as they lay down, another process and another contribution begins and what once was, becomes something new, but it never dies.

The “dead” leaves will provide nutrients to the dormant soil during the winter months and in the spring, a gorgeous, tiny plant, will emerge and will blossom into a magnificent and multicolor fall tree, perhaps…

Fall is just the transitional phase into winter, and the season that allow us to prepare for the cold winter months ahead. We need to get the gloves and the scarfs, the boots and the coats out.

We need to go along and renew ourselves with the earth so we do. And we enjoy the season and while we do, we get ready for winter and so forth and we re-start the process of renewal once more.

There is not end, just a new beginning and we go along with it. We plan. (Set goals) We do. (Execute the ideas) and we complete. (Achieved what we wanted)

There will be so many things to be done in October, that we will get really busy planning them in September, and in In October we’ll plan for an equally busy November.

In Nomberber, we will be very busy thinking about December and in the last month we will be busy, as we will be thinking about the new year, the new resolutions, the new beginning…And the next season: Spring.

And so life goes on as always…We continue renewing until we no longer are able to do it and then nature takes over and it will do it for us and the earth will continue renewing itself to remain as beautiful as it is now.

I have to go now to continue renewing, reinventing and becoming a better version of myself. The day is also beautiful and I am going for a nice walk.

See you soon,