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Time= “Great Things!!”

Why is it so hard to be patient sometimes? Why do we want instant gratification? Why? Why? Why? I guess it is hard for me to be patient some times because I always focus and I have a very clear picture of the outcome I want and I cannot wait.

If you remember giving your parents a Christmas list when they asked you for one, and you only had one item on the list you knew you’ve get, and Christmas came and you saw the present under the tree, just waiting for you to open it…Yeah, that is exactly the way I feel always, and patience is not anywhere near by and the last thing I can think off, when I am ready to open the gift!!

For the past 30 days I have been very committed, very consistent, very diligent and very focused on a very healthy diet and exercise routine which is slowly but surely working for me.

Prior to August, I was doing really great until we traveled to Panama and I indulged in the very delicious Panamanian cuisine and gain over 20 lbs. in just a short lapse of time, that quickly showed in the form of a very round face and a very “curvaceous” and “voluptuous” figure.  

It is nice to display a full, wrinkle free face and look almost half my age, however, I rather have wrinkles and some “saggy” skin and not suffer from back pain, because of my exuberant “bosom” And it is even nicer to be able to wear all of my cool, very small, stylish and pretty clothes, instead of my 14-year-old daughter.  (Yeah, those clothes look pretty darn cute on her but they are mine not hers!!)

And after 30 days I am starting to notice, as always, the changes taking place in my body, and as always, the great motivation has set in and I know, I am able to accomplish even greater goals, so I get all excited and I try on new exercises, new routines and new healthy recipes.

It is nice to be able to start getting out of the closet, all of the cute, medium and small size dresses, skirts, jeans, blouses and specially shoes. It is nice to start feeling the loose clothing and it is even nicer to go to the clothing store and without trying on, knowing that I can fit perfectly on any clothes I want, that come in smaller sizes.

These past 30 days have been really hard because of so many things going on in my life, so many projects, so many ideas, so many changes and so many goals accomplished and so many goals set and planned.

At the same time I am setting my new personal and professional goals, I have to keep in mind, that I am also responsible for my 14-year-old daughter and I also have to attend her needs and plan for her future and I need to maintain a healthy balance in my life, while I also need to take care of our new dogie and attend his puppy needs as well.

I have been able to accomplish a few goals I set to accomplish the beginning of this year and that makes me very happy because I believed in myself and I did everything I needed to do, to complete those goals I set up to accomplish, and the results were short of amazing.

And because I focused on the outcome of my goals, it was hard to wait for the results and at times I was so excited and so impatient, I almost “sabotaged” some of the great results I knew I would have, with negative self-talk.  

Why is it so hard to be patient sometimes? Why do we want instant gratification? Why? Why? Why? I guess we don’t want anyone or anything to interfere in our plans and we do not want to risk, not even for a moment, the possibility of success, right? (Especially when in the past we have already experienced success and we have gotten all of those things we desired and we work so hard to get.)

When I embark in any type of project, I am very committed to that project and I give it 100% and plus and I imagine and picture myself triumphant, so it is hard to “accept” my present reality and that, in a way is a good thing, because it pushes me to try even harder to achieve what I want, however, on the downside, this can be discouraging, not been able to wait for the process to continue its normal course.

What I’ve been doing for the last couple of years is really enjoying the changing process by documenting those changes, even the “subtle” changes taking place in my life and in my body every day. How I feel and how I look. I have a health and a regular journal, and I write a lot and in details in there.

And it has helped tremendously to take a lot of selfies and have people take my photos and having a health journal to write about my emotions, my exercise routines and the foods I eat, as well as any setbacks and any health issues. It is amazing to see the progress I am making, right before my eyes.

Many of you got to know me because of my art background and my photography business and many of you read my old blog I kept for about 13 years. Many of you read and saw photos of my previous huge, weight loss experience and my transformation, as well as the many health and financial struggles I went through, to be where I am today.

My experience before was a bit different than my experience now because a few years have gone by and I looked so different for so many years, and yet, the experience now, as it was before, remains the same.

This statement may seem contradictory, however, for those of you that have known me for a very long time, you guys know that I am always evolving, changing, challenging myself and accomplishing the things I want to accomplish. And you know that just like before, I will conquer many things and I will be very successful if I set my mind to achieve success and I am up to do it again.

There are some new changes that definitely need to take place. The changes have already been taking place and they are somewhat “subtle” but real and present and slowly “maturing” into completion, and soon enough, more changes will become more “obvious” and more “apparent” and once again, I cannot wait for the end result, but I will.

When I was a child growing up in Panama, there was this singing advertisement that would come up several times a day in the radio and it would say: “Las mejores cosas que nos da la vida, siempre toman tiempo como la Amistad”

I loved the soft voice of the woman that sang the song and I specially loved the meaning of the phrase and it was embedded in my memory forever and I was never able to forget those lines and I never wanted to.

And now days, I always love to sing that melodic phrase to myself often, and I just change the last word at the end. And with that thought I say bye for now. I hope you have a great day and remember:

“The best things that life gives us, take time such as…” (Whatever you want it to be)