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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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Hormone free, natural, organic, home-made, low calorie, nutritious and delicious food. That is my kind of food and the kind of food I eat on a regular basis.

It is not always easy to afford it, however, I manage. I figure, if I have enough money to buy hair color, makeup and extra shoes, I must certainly have enough money to eat healthy, so I only buy the best food available to me and only the best to feed myself, my daughter and our puppy.

There are many things I choose not to spend money on, such as manicures and pedicures, thus, allowing me to save a lot of money.

“I am a thrifty kind of gal, when it comes to almost everything. I check and compare prices and I am always getting great deals everywhere, and when it comes to my health, I won’t compromise and I will only buy and consume wholesome foods, even if I have to pay some extra dollars.”

I buy things that are of great quality and things that are a good investment and things that will bring a benefit to me and things that are worth the money I pay for.

If I am making sure what I put outside my body is of great quality, then what I put inside of it has to be even of greater quality and the food I make and eat is not only nutritious but especially delicious.

And the best part is that the food I make is low in calories and it can actually help me keep in shape and lose weight. And most people that try my dishes, love it and that makes me very happy.

Every meal I eat contains protein and lots and lots of veggies, a bit of fruit, as well as natural fats, easy to digest carbs and lots of fiber.

I eat a lot of chicken, eggs and seafood and I consume a great amount of green onions, garlic, spicy hot sauce and onions. (Garlic, onions and green onions not only help to burn calories, but are great to speed up metabolism and add the extra fiber)

The protein gives me all the energy I need. The vegetables help me keep in shape and the fruits also add not only fiber but natural sugars.  I consume a lot of almonds, cashews, and Brazilian nuts. And all of my meals are accompanied by an 8-ounce glass of pure water.

I also make a very delicious salad dressing that consists of some orange juice, honey, mustard, salt, black-ground pepper and some olive oil and that adds that extra special touch and delicious flavor and this dressing/sauce, works well on meats too, specially sea food.

I hope you try some of your own recipes and create your own sauces and dressings from scratch. There is nothing better than home-made meals where you know what goes in it.