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Nurturing the Skin

From the Inside-Out

Having healthy, clear, and a soft complexion, at any age is achievable. Drinking plenty of water, avoiding a lot of sun exposure, not smoking, exfoliating the skin, using sun protection and hydrating our skin is necessary as well as keeping a healthy weight.

And to me, one of the most important things I can do, not only for my face but for my body, is what I put inside of it, and I try to eat whole foods, plants, fruits, nuts, vegetables, roots and herbs that benefit the different systems inside my body and I have been doing this for a very long time.

A good complexion, some may say, is due to good genes or very expensive dermatologist and cosmetic procedures, however, this is not always true.

“I believe anyone can enhance good skin and go the next level with many medical procedures and having a great dermatologist that will take care of their skin, and I also believe, due to my own experience, that what we put inside and outside of our skin, especially in our face, affects the condition of our skin for good or for bad.”

Today I will just talk about some of the benefits of good nutrition in our skin. There are amazing natural products out there that can be apply to the skin as well as eaten on its raw state, such as Aloe Vera.

This amazing plant can be added to plain water or in smoothies to aid digestion, cleanse the guts, and apply directly to the skin as a natural moisturizer, and it is incredibly soothing if used after a sunburn.      

Brown sugar combined with olive oil or powder cinnamon is a great exfoliator, and many of you know brown sugar is all natural and one of the best natural sweeteners out there. Many of you know that cinnamon makes great tea. And if you didn’t know cinnamon tea can aid menstrual cramping and upset stomach. And when it comes to olive oil, it is not only the best oil we should be consuming but it leaves skin feeling very moist, soft and renewed.

Highly processed foods, artificial colors and flavors, highly saturated fats, sugars, lot of salt, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption in excessive amounts and too often, as well as sun tanning, all of them will cause damage to the skin.

Many dermatology treatments and plastic surgery can reverse a lot of that damage and I am all for that, however, the gentler you are to your skin, and specially to your face, the easier it will be to reverse that damage and you may not even have to resource to dermatology treatments and plastic surgery, until you are way past your 70’s, instead of having to do it, for example, in your 30’s or 40’s.

I do not like sun shades and I have not been able to find a pair that I like and that will not leave marks on my skin, so I avoid the sun light directly into my face, because, I don’t necessarily like hats either.

I burn easily and I may get a bit of color after that, however, the natural tanned skin only lasts for a few days and the painful burn experience is so uncomfortable, it is so easy for me to just cover up during the Summer months, even when temperatures reach over 100 degrees.

I drink lots of water during the day, especially in the Summer as well as year round and I am sure this also keeps my skin hydrated and soft. Water not only cleanses the intestines and gets rid of impurities through sweating and going to the bathroom, but water aids the intestines in eliminating toxins that can potentially cause skin break ups.

I drink green tea, and prune juice on a regular basis, and in small quantities, to act as gentle laxatives and to keep me regular. They also “purify” the blood.

When I was a teenager and young adult my mother always gave me natural herbs, roots, tree barks, and home-made potions and concoctions that she said, would keep my blood clean as well as my face and I would never get acne and she was right. I never suffered from acne and I have kept the tradition she started and it has paid off.

So please, even if you have soft, natural, baby skin and a clear complexion because you are 20 years old now, take good care of your skin from the inside out, starting now. One day you will be glad you did.

I will be sharing more homemade recipes as well as some of the skin lotion I use for my face and my body.