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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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I think it is very fun to create different looks and coordinate those looks with different outfits. I love color and I love to incorporate that in my own beauty routine as well as in my wardrobe.

I love fashion and unique styles. I love accessorizing and creating different looks and wearing clothes that are not only beautiful, but most important, clothes, accessories and shoes that are also practical and comfortable at the same time.

I dress this way all the time and I dress mainly for me, because I love fashion and I don’t dress for other, unless, of course, the dress code requires it, let’s say, at work. I want to project myself as me all the time. What I am all about and what I like and that reflects in the clothes I wear everyday, even when I am at home and even when I am all by myself.

To me, not only feeling good in the inside but specially looking good in the outside, is extremely important, it can cause a great impact in our well-being and it will let others know a lot about ourselves and our personal habits and if we take the time to take care of ourselves.

It also means that we are individuals that care and take that “extra” time in the little details. For many people, that is also important, specially if you are going to a work interview or if you are trying to impress that cute guy on that first date!!

“When it comes to being fashionable, I wear what looks good on me. I never wear clothes “appropriate” for my age, I have always and I will always wear clothes according to the occasion”

I do wardrobe and image consulting and I can help you look your best, so if you are interested, please, contact me and I will give you a few tips. Oh, and by the way, if you want to take the cutest selfies and looking amazing, I can also help you with that. (I don’t charge and I do trades)

I design and make a lot of my clothes, however, I do not design or make things for others and if I do, it is to do trades, and/or to give them as presents to my friends and family.

Most of the clothing you see me wearing all the time is a combination of my own designs and all my beautiful finds. I will share the links and I will post more photos of those finds. (Beautiful clothing at reasonable prices, and many great deals, so please, keep on reading my posts and follow me on all social media sites)

I will be updating this page soon with professional photos and more of a variety of outfits, however, for right now you can go to my Pinterest site to get some ideas. Click here.