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Guy’s Best Accessory

I love to see a man well dressed. Someone that took the time to dress for the occassion. It does not matters if it was just to go walk his dog, to go for a good hike/run, a church service, or to hang out with me. He could be in jeans, a t-shirt and wearing flip flops, or dressing up in a suit.

What matters to me is that, this man is confident about whom he is. He knows what works and looks good on him, and that he takes the time to chose his clothes. (You guys, I am not the only girl that thinks this way)

I may not be speaking for everybody, however, I know I am speaking for a lot of girls, just like myself, whom appreciate guys who take the time and the effort to impress us, just like we take the time and effort to impress them. That is only fair.

One of my favorite looks, however, is that of a man wearing a khaki linen blazer, suit or jacket, over a white t-shirt, acompanied either by cream, linen pants or specially with jeans. No tie needed but a good pair of shoes. “Hay papacito!!” (Ha! Ha! Ha! This is what a good Latin girl would say, so there, I said it and I hope nobody was offended!!) And to translate it into English, it would go something like this: “That guy looks so handsome!!” (Are you guys keeping note?)

I know the model on this post is very handsome. however, any guy, can look good in this type of outfit, no matter the age or the physical size or built of a guy. And there are many ways you can accessorized this look. What about a hat, a scarf, glasses, jeans, sandlas, flip flops or jeans with cowboy boots? (The possibilities are limitless…)

I completed this photoshoot 8 years ago or so, and I garantee you, 8 years from now and many more to come, this specific look will still be cool, fashionable, and it will stayed fresh, no matter what. (Classy never goes out of fashion!!)

There are many wedding themes, from dessert locations to the beach, were the groom and the wedding party dresses in khaki, earth tones and pastel tones of blues and specially cream. And this is on of my favorite color themes of all times. These colors will always be “classy” and “timeless”

These colors go well with many other colors of the “rainbow”. They complement different skin colors as well and they can actually be used, any time of the year, from spring to Winter.

“You guys don’t have to be attending a wedding to use one of these blazers, jackets, or casual suits. If you are going on an evening date, for example, the casual suit, blazer or jacket, in a pastel color or a cream or khaki color will bring your outfit to the next level and all eyes will be on you, for the right reasons.”

One of my guy friends is in Italy right now, attending a wedding in Tuscany and before he went, we did a bit of “image consulting” and online shopping. He is totally dressing the part and feeling like a perfect Italian gentleman and looking so handsome.

He actually bought a few pieces at different online stores and we also went to a local shopping center and he found what he says is his perfect store to find anything locally, so I will post more information about them soon. (Great customer service, great store, great variety and great prices)

So right now guys, if you want to impress that special woman of yours, a good cream color blazer or casual suit can do it. Not only will you look so cool and fashionable but specially amazingly handsome. Take my word for it.