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Unconditional Love

I saw those little eyes and my heart starting pounding so hard…After so many years of considering adopting a pet, I knew it was the right time and I knew right away Gizmo was the perfect little guy for us.

So we rushed to one of the Salt Lake City animal shelter, not only to meet him but to get him. (I had seen his photo only two days earlier, and I knew it was only a matter of time before someone else would want him too.)

I told my daughter about the little guy listed as “Fivel”, on the shelter’s website. We both agreed that named didn’t really fit the little puppy and we both agreed our little “Gizmo” didn’t look like someone that would be named Fivel, and upon meeting him and interacting with him, we knew “Gizmo” was the perfect name for this playful little puppy.

If I was “infatuated” with his photo, I felt in love with him from the very moment I met him at the shelter. He was seating on a cushion, very quiet and just laying his head on the pillow, while all other dogs barked and howl. He didn’t even look at us and he didn’t even get excited to see us when we said hello. (I am sure he had seen many people come and go without taking him out of that place, and his hope was not that high.)

Everything changed when his handler brought him to the little meeting room. He immediately came towards us and started kissing us, as we hugged and greeted him and I could tell, he knew we were really into him and he could sense our love for him. That was 2 months ago and the bond is so strong now and Gizmo knows that he belongs into our family and he trusts and he loves us so much, as we do love him too.

My daughter had been asking me for a pet cat or dog for so many years now and due to many issues we were not able to get any cats or dogs and at one point she had 4 cute little mice.

My daughter was set on getting a cat and I was set on getting a dog. And as much as we visited the Humane Society and some other shelters and saw many pets that could have been a good fit for us, somewhat, it was not the right time for us to get one.

I am very passionate about animals and I know that besides the unconditional love and loyalty these guys offer, animals are also a source of calmness and soothing relief for anyone that loves them, for those individuals with special needs, and even for those people that do not think they like animals.

“Caring for an innocent animal, especially if children do it, brings the best of a human being.  It teaches children compassion, responsibility, kindness and more than anything, it teaches them about unconditional and true love and the value of loyalty and true companionship.”

Children and adults can learn the value of simple and everlasting friendship and the strong bonds that can be develop with a creature that loves them unconditionally and a creature, they take care of.

Children learn that they are valuable and important as all other living creatures are and they will become more in touch with their feelings, emotions and they become more compassionate towards others.

For all of those of you considering adopting a pet, it is the best thing you can ever do, not only for you, but specially for the pets.

Do not let the demeanor of the shelter animal deceived you. Remember, those animals are under a lot of stress, and most of them have been neglected, abandoned, and/or abused. And they are all scared, sad, depressed, and just hoping someone gives them the love they want to give back.

Our little Gizmo certainly looks and acts so different now, than when we met him at the shelter for the first time and when he was in his own kennel. He is more confident around us and in our home.  He still gets scare when bigger dogs approach him and when people are too loud, however, he seeks our protection and he knows we are there for him and that gives him comfort and it shows.

I am so glad we waited for the right time and I am so happy we found Gizmo and I hope more pets get adopted and find loving homes and I hope you find that little pet that is going to fill your home with so much happiness for years to come.