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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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Home Styling

Just like we dress ourselves and create our own unique style that makes us feel comfortable and tells a bit about whom we are and what we like, styling and decorating our home, should not be any different.

To me home is my refuge, my sacred and special place where I can enjoy tranquility, peace, serenity and where my creative spirit really soars.

Whenever someone comes to my home, they feel that peace and they feel welcome and I know this because they always express it many, many times over. And I want to make sure anyone that comes to my home feels the same way I do in it.

I like to keep my home, clean, organized and smelling clean and beautiful. I want my home to feel inviting, cozy and I want my guests to want to stay for a while and I want them, wanting to come back. 

I have created an art gallery I can admire every day, while seating on the sofa.  The gallery is a combination of my daughter and myself art work, unique pieces I have collected from my travels, and great finds of amazing, local artists, I have bought at many yard sales, thrift and antique stores.

So many people do not realize how talented and good of an artist they are, or some other people do not appreciate great art and give away beautiful art pieces they don’t want. (Well, too bad for those people and too good for me, they got rid of it so I can enjoy it)

Other than my art collection, the decor and the styling of my living room is always changing, from season to season sometimes, and every 1 to 2 years or so, or until I get tired of the same look.

I like to create different looks and different moods and I do that by changing furniture and moving those pieces around. I also love throw pillows, not only because they accentuate any couches, but mainly because of their practical use, when it comes to offer support for the back and/or, especially for me and for my daughter when we take our naps.

“Silk flowers and real plants also add that additional, “warm” hospitality touch, and I like to buy them and place them throughout the house. (If I had a lovely garden in the Summer, then I would place freshly cut flowers instead) However, very delicate, silk flowers, look like the real thing.”

I also like to restore used furniture (Tables and wooden chairs mainly) With a splash of color, the whole look changes dramatically and it is almost like getting a new piece.

I am about to do some redecorating for the Summer and it is always so exciting to move and change things around, getting a few new pieces, getting rid of a few and renovating the look and the feel of our home. It is always refreshing when I do this and it almost feels like being in a new home.

After I do this and it is complete and finish, I like to make a very special dinner, invite a few close friends or enjoy the meal with my daughter and then just seat in the leaving room, enjoy good conversation and contemplate great art and get inspiration for a new project.

Until next time and I hope you are having a great day,