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One Accessory Only!

“If you had to chose just one accessory what would it be? I think, that is a really hard question to answer, however, what I can say is that if I have to chose one accessory to bring my outfit to the next level, that would have to be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry: Earrings please!!”

Earrings can complement a great blouse, shirt, dress or top. The right earrings will add that touch of elegance and sophistication for that special occasion and the right earrings will complement that great makeup and hair style every single time.

Even if you decide not to wear a lot of makeup, earrings will bring that touch of “dressing up” kind of feeling, specially when you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Earrings can be worn with the hair down or a more sophisticated up do and they will always look fantastic. Earrings can match the makeup and outfits we wear, or they can add that touch of contrast, to make our personal style more interesting.

Now days there are so many styles of earrings to chose from and not that many excuses not to wear them, such as: “I can’t wear earrings because my ears are not pierced”

There are many types of earrings out there, to satisfy the need and the desire of any woman, to wear this magnificent piece of jewelry. From magnetic earrings, to ear cuffs that just need to be attached to the fold of the ears, to clip ons, that gently, temporary attached to the loops of the ears.

Today, I am wearing my jeans and my flip flops and wearing my beautiful earrings someone gave me many years ago. They are so beautiful and classy and I may also wear them tonight with that beautiful black dress. I am sure they will look gorgeous and I won’t need any other piece of jewelry.