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Classy Red

“If I would have to pick just three solid colors, then I would chose white, black and red because they can be used for different occasions and they also look great on any skin type.”

And of course, I would buy the best quality of fabric and a very classy type that will never go out of style. Red is such a classy color and it can also be worn in any season really and by anyone, men, women, babies, children and pets.

The scenery in Utah is very green right now with all of that rain happening and deep tones of red, not only for clothing but for make up look fantastic, against the beautiful lush, green background. And for this time of the year, cotton and silk fabrics are my favorite pick as the Summer is soon approaching. Both fabrics are light and fresh and both offer that feeling of clean and yet, sophisticated look.

Cotton is specially great to wear to less formal, day time parties, while silk can be worn during the evening and for very formal events. And when it comes to makeup, there are so many ways to wear red lipstick and so many ways to complement the lipstick with different hair styles, that you can never go wrong. Red lips will also brighten a face, make teeth wither and bring a focal point to the face.

Even if you don’t do anything else, but you color your lips red, that will bring the attention to your face and it will make a big difference. There are so many tones of red and I have my personal favorites. Those with darker or plum tones best complement my skin tone, my burgundy hair and brown eyes and I love how they look on me.

Weddings, parties and the warmer season will begin shortly, and I am getting my classy red dress out. I hope you do too and it makes you look so happy seeing that beautiful reflection in front of you. Go get that classy beauty out!