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A great hat that is not only classy but offers that timeless chic and cool look. And a great hat that is beautiful, elegant and service the most important purpose: Protecting us from the sun!!

I bought this hat for my daughter a few months back. (She has a great and unique fashion style and this hat immediately caught her eye, while shopping for Summer accessories)

I love the material and the construction of the hat and how it covers your whole face from the sun. I specially like how this hat can be worn with different outfits and I specially love how my daughter wears it and how it looks on her. (I am not a hat person and I don’t necessarily like hats on me, however, this hat is perfect for the beach and I would definitely use it there)

This hat can be worn at different events and with different purposes, because of its color and made. It is elegant, and sophisticated ad yet, it is also playful, fun, very versatile and very practical. You can accessorize it with a few things, or wear it alone.

It can be worn during the day, or at night. It can add that special touch to any outfit and make it more interesting. It can be worn in all types of weather and seasons and it can be worn in the city, or the country side.

I should be wearing that hat, since I am a mom and we moms wear all the many hats at home, right? Well, as a mom, it is nice to let others wear some of the many hats sometimes and today is one of those special occasions.

Someone else will be wearing a few hats today, and I will just seat back and enjoy the view. I will even let my curls flow free today and I may wear my princess crown, after all today is my day and I am more than that, I am a queen, so save me God!! Happy Mother’s Day to all that celebrate it today!!