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Over a year ago I selected 10 random people and on January 6, 2018, I gave them a rolled up, one dollar bill secured with a red ribbon which also included a tiny, plastic, lady bug, both for good luck.

I am not superstitious, however, I love to follow or start new traditions and because the color red is of good luck in Panama and because I also like the green color of money, I thought I combined the two and gave it to someone, as a present for Christmas. (For Christians and for Catholics, the 3 kings didn’t show up to bring Chris presents for his birth day, until January 6)

I specifically told every one of the people I chose, not to open the 1 dollar bill, if they chose to open it, until 1 year later, to see what results they would see and I told them, this was a “lucky” roll.

A year passed and many things changed for a few of those people. One person reminded me of the “cute” gift I had given them a year earlier and that person said that they believe in luck and that many great things had happened to them and they were very grateful I had given them the 1 dollar, rolled bill and they had decided to not open it and instead, keep it as a good luck thing forever.

Another person asked me several times, even before the year was over, if they should open the roll, and specifically said: “So, what is the deal with it?” Does it mean that I am going to get a lot of money?” “What happens if I use the bill?”

I just smiled and I told the person, they could do whatever they wanted with the dollar bill because it was theirs not mine anymore. The person commented on how they had not been that lucky that year, and they also mentioned that, due to the very bad, economic situation they were in, they may need to use the one dollar bill before the end of the year.

After I had that interaction with these two people, I realized that those were the only ones I was still had some sort of contact with and I was wondering what had happened with the other 8 people I gave the dollar bill to.

And then, I completely forgot about the experience, until recently, when I found the photo on my computer. I reflected back on a lot of things and a little bit on these two people’s lives, and I could not help it but to compare their situations and what I could see.

Sometimes great, amazing opportunities are given to people, and whether they believe in luck or not, luck alone is not going to change the difficult circumstances those people may be in.

“And more than hope, faith and believing in superstitions, it takes “action” from our part, to change our “difficult” circumstances. Nobody is going to do it for us, and if someone or some people are attending to our every need and if we are taking advantage of that person or people, sooner or later, our “luck” will run out. It always does.”

Some people believe in luck and in karma. I believe in once in a life time opportunities and second chances and I also like to believe that sometimes I have been lucky, however, I strongly believe, most of the time I have been greatly blessed. Karma does exists too, I have seeing it in action and it works in very interesting ways.

Today I was thinking about these two people and how their personal believes affected the outcome of what this year might had been for both of them so far. I know for one of them the future looks really bright and for the other, there is a lot of uncertainty, and yet, for both of them, it has nothing to do with good luck and more to do with their own efforts and their own actions and what they did or didn’t do, throughout 2018.

We should not gamble our present and certainly not our future and that of the future generations to come after us, based purely on luck. Even if we are not religious, having hope and faith will give us that push to pursue that change we want and we seek and we deserve.

We should be working very hard on everything we do, to produce the results we want and we need to be careful not to miss out on opportunities of a lifetime, given to us, because those opportunities, rarely come our way.

Hard work produces the results we want every time. And yes, maybe a little tiny bit of good luck, may also help, some times.