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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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“Creating a Master Piece One Stroke at a Time”

For some of us artists, it takes many strokes to complete a paint and a lot of time, patience, effort, love and persistence to create what others and ourselves, may consider a “master piece” Through hours, days, weeks, months and years of practice someone can develop experience, and becomes a master of anything and a master of almost everything. And for some people, there will always be that “insatiable” necessity for “perfection” so they will never feel they are good enough until they create something that is perfect and without any flaws.

And there are some others like me, always looking for innovation, improvement, changes, and a desire to learn from my mistakes. I have not always gotten things right and I have made many mistakes in life, however, I always keep on trying and trying and through it all, I’ve learned to be patient and to wait for the process to complete, even though, it is hard, specially when I know the outcome will be a favorable one.

“Life may not be exactly like a canvas, where, with a stroke of paint, something can be changed, modified, hidden or covered, however, just as with a stroke, we can constantly “improve” any aspects of our life, we desire to change, in that picture of our lives, especially when we want to create the best life for ourselves.”

Nobody’s life is perfect in all, or in some aspects of it, all of the time. Everybody suffers up and downs and it is not always at the same time and it is not always the same situation as others.

Sometimes it may seem as if we have make the biggest mistake of our lives, and it seems almost impossible to go back and fix the situation.  In these cases, we may throw away the unfinished paint and get a new canvas, hoping to start a new “master piece”, only to make a big mistake again. And some of us might give up, and some of us may think it is impossible to “fix” the “ruined” canvas, no matter if we really want to do it.

And then, some of us might stop and ponder about what we did wrong the first time, and we will take our time and patiently re-start again, by applying new strokes over the old ones, carefully, not only to “repair” the mistake, but also to create something even better than what we intended to create in the first place.

Or we may repeat the same mistakes over and over again, until we have spent a whole lifetime without learning a lesson, or until we realize the amount of money, energy and time, we have wasted, is something we may never get back and we finally become wise enough, to continue creating our own masterpiece, no matter if it is taking us a whole lifetime to accomplish it.

We are all masters of own circumstances and masters of our own universe. Some of us have been creating master pieces for others and some of us have been creating our own masterpieces. Some of us have been creating something so majestic, divine, precious, unique, beautiful and wonderful, only a few of us can appreciate its value.

And some of us have been creating amazing master pieces, and some other people, had to give the value they’ve perceive, those masterpieces had, because we were not able to recognize the jewel we created and it is sad that others placed their own value instead of us.

No matter where we all are, we are all masters of what we want out of life and what we want to become at any given time. A great master created us and we can create the potential and the kind of life we want.

Here I go, another stroke to complete. There is great potential ahead of me. Let’s continue creating that great master piece of mine…And I hope you also keep on trying. Don’ t ever give up. It is a matter of time and even if you don’t see it, other people may think that you are a master of your own trade. And if others dont see it, it is time for you to master and create your own beautiful destiny!!