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An artist and an animal lover. Life is beautiful!!


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No Trends For Me!

I create my own style. I want to wear clothes that look good on me and clothes that reflect the type of mood I am feeling. I love colorful patterns, bright colors, pastel colors neutral colors, floral patterns, and vivid colors. I wear clothing, shoes and accessories that complement my skin tone, eye and hair color.

I don’t follow trends, I just wear what I perceive to look “cool” on other people with a similar bone structure and body type than mine, however, I style myself, based on my taste, not others.

Trends come and go and unless we have large amounts of money to update our closet every season, it is safer to always go for classic and traditional pieces and if possible, invest on a few pieces of clothing and accessories that look good on anyone, anytime and at any age.

Some times I go with my mood and how I am feeling. Some days I feel like wearing beautiful, floral, silk, dresses and sometimes I feel like wearing jeans and just a shirt, and a lot of jewelry.

All of the clothes I wear is very feminine and clothes that make me feel very beautiful, very elegant, very modern and very “sexy” as the woman I am. I have my own style and if I am not able to find something I like, then I design it and I make it with the type of fabric I like.

Creating our own style is more fun and it allow us to be true to ourselves and not copy anyone else’s. Our own unique sense of style and fashion is something that showcases our taste and identity and whom we are. Let’s shine. Let’s be ourselves and let’s be cool that way!!