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How many times have you and I gone through a very bad storm in yours and in my own town? I have many times. I recently drove through one that was so severe, I could hardly see anything in front of, or around me. What I had in front of me was something that look like a “surreal” painting.

I was driving about 5 to 10 miles per hour and so was everybody else. Thank goodness!! It was about an hour away drive, on a good day, from my town. I knew this would be close to a two-hour drive because of the conditions.

The mix of rain and hail pounding on the roof and the front windshield of my car was so hard, it didn’t allow me to hear the music playing in the radio, so I had to turn it off. Some of the traffic lights were not working properly and the traffic was quite heavy.

In the horizon I could see some clear, white openings between the clouds and I could also see something that look like the American flag.

It was around that time that I also noticed a drop of oil had fallen into the windshield and it had created a small rainbow and I thought that was a good sign. The scenery in front of my eyes, suddenly looked amazing.

And despite of everything going on outside and around me, as I contemplated the image in front of me, I found beauty in it. While one of the trafic lights turned red, I got my phone out and I took a photo.

After I took the photo, I put my phone away and I waited for a while before the light turned green and I proceeded to drive slowly for a few minutes, until I encountered the next traffic light and I had to stop.

This continued to happen for about 2 hours and while I was driving slowly and when I stopped at the traffic intersections.

I tried really hard to see people’s faces, or the type of car they were diving, or the buildings and trees around me and again, all I could see was that “surrealistic” image, so I just kept looking forward, driving carefully and focusing on what was happening in front of me.

By the time I got back home, the storm was gone and the sky was a lot clearer and the “surrealistic” image in front of me was not there anymore. I had gone through the storm and the horizon was clear to me. I could see clearly what was in front of my eyes.

“Isn’t ironic that when “storms” are heading our way or we have to go through them, instead of thinking about the usual beautiful rainbow afterwards, we concentrate on the negative impact of storms that are just passing through?”

I guess the more storms we encounter, the more we can learn to “enjoy” them. We can appreciate what they sometimes bring and we know afterwards, everything will be okay, because it will.

Today is my brother’s 3rd anniversary of his passing. It is also interesting that when I chose to write this lines, I completely forgot about that detail and yet, that was one of those storms I went through, 3 years ago. It was a very ugly one and yet, it is behind now.

There were beautiful things that flourished right when that storm was passing and beautiful things that the storm left and a beautiful, clear picture of what is important in life and in my life and for that, I am extremely grateful.