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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

My favorite Cantaloupe is honeydew melon. I eat it almost every day and on a regular basis. Besides keeping me full, it is low in calories and easy to digest, not to mention it really, really tastes good.”

Here are some of the nutritious benefits of this sweet and delicious fruit:

Beta carotene

Beta carotene is a type of carotenoid. Carotenoids are pigments that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors. Once eaten, beta carotene is either converted into vitamin A or acts as a powerful antioxidant to help fight free radicals that attack cells in your body.

Vitamin C

Cantaloupe is reach in vitamin C. (More study is needed on vitamin C to prove its effectiveness against diseases like asthma, cancer, and diabetes. However, eating vitamin C-rich foods may help reduce how long you suffer the next time you catch a common cold)


Folate is also known as vitamin B-9. Folate is the term used when it is naturally present in foods, while folic acid is the term used for supplements and fortified foods. It may also help reduce your risk of some cancers, and help battle memory loss due to aging, although more research is needed.


Like most fruits, cantaloupe has high water content, at almost 90 percent. Eating cantaloupe helps you stay hydrated throughout the day, which is important for heart health. When you’re hydrated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood. Good hydration also supports digestion, healthy kidneys, and helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure.

You can also make green smoothies with cantaloupe, you can also chopped them up in small pieces and add them on top of fish and poultry. It is easier to find cantaloupes and melons in the Summer, however, most days you can find them in many super markets throughout the year, and I hope you go get yours and enjoy them today!!