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Style. What Is It Anyway?

Some say they do not have style or they are not good when it comes to choosing what to wear, however, everybody has style. (How you dress yourself and comb your hair every day, says a lot about your personal style)

I love to observe and notice the unique style of everybody. From very humble to very “well off” individuals, it is interesting to see how they styled themselves, and not necessarily to leave their homes.

Some of us take pride in always look our best, and in my case, it does not matter if I am staying at home, or going out, either for work, to run errands, or if I am attending a dinner, going to dance or just to hang out.

I think it is important to always look “ready” “just in case”. What if suddenly you need to go out? What if someone unexpected knocks at your door? (And of course, I am not talking about a thief here people!!)

And the most important reason of all to always look our best is the fact that looking good is always going to make us feel better, positive, enthusiastic, and happy, and that my friends, besides adding that bust of confidence is also magnet to attract people!!

That happy attitude and disposition is going to attract the right people into our lives and only the best we deserve. (Our life-style can truly be influenced by the way we dress. It certainly will)

So, what is your style? Well, let me tell you what I notice. Some people for example, always wear a hat and feel almost naked it if they don’t. Some other people have to check out themselves in the mirror 5 or more times before leaving their homes, to make sure they look okay. That’s style.

Some people love ruffles and some others love lace. Some girls don’t like pants and some only wear skirts. Some people prefer flats and some of us high heels.  That’s style.

Some of us do color coordination and some of us love to mix, match and break the rules when it comes to fashion. That’s style.

Some people part their long hair in the middle, while other prefer bangs. Some gentlemen love to grow their bear and mustaches, color and comb them and trim them a certain way. That’s style.

Some men wear colorful and floral ties, shirts and coats. That’s style. Some only wear a white t-shirt, jeans, boots and a hat. That’s style.

During my travels and anywhere around neighboring towns and cities where I live and there is a population of refugees, or people of different nationalities, for example, I cannot help it but notice the abundance of personal fashion and style going on.

The colors are vivid and exuberant, the patterns are very unique and artistic and the garments are very elaborate and very beautiful. There is a great amount of accessorizing and children, men and women wear very shinny, traditional and unique jewelry and adornments. That to me, right there is style as its best!!

“If you feel proud of whom you are, your culture and you as an individual, then your style will represent those values, period. And when I am talking about culture, I am not talking about a very specific geographical culture, but I am talking about your cultural background and what you were taught as a child and the influences your parents and other ancestors had in you”

Many of us come from different ethnic backgrounds or a mixed of many of them. Many of us lived in different places and surrounded by people of many backgrounds and that influenced our style.  

Many of us do things just because other people are doing them. That is called “trending” if you didn’t know that yet. And if you are trending, because you are inspired by someone and you “copy” their style, still, you got style going, congratulations!!

Just the other day we had the Mix and Match day at work, and I was one of the few ones that had so much fun dressing a la “high fashion” style. (Just another day at the office…)

So please, don’t believe it when you or someone else wants you to believe you don’t have style or a sense of fashion. Everybody got style going, and yours, oh well, it is just a bit different than the rest of people and mine but you got it too baby!! 🙂